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Adjectives! Another fun subject to teach in the English language. When we think about adjective grammar, we often think in simple terms. Words like big, little, cold, hot and more.

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The truth is that it is more about how we describe in the English language and not just the way we think about “Adjectives”. All words in English have a general job. A word can be everything from a noun to an interjection.

One way to think about vocabulary is to understand that it is not the word in itself but, more importantly, the way we use the word. In other words, what is a words job? Is it being used to describe something? It it all about how someone feels? Are we using a word to make someone smile? Is that word definition something serious or extremely specific to an object or event? Adjective grammar is all about describing nouns, pronouns and feelings.

What is a Noun?

Teachers who teach English as a second language need to know one basic simple statement. “It is not the word we use, but how we use the word”.

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When asked by a student “Hey teacher… What is a noun?” The standard answer is the following; “A noun is a table” Sadly, this is not true. A table as an object is a “Thing”. To table is a “Verb”. Table used to describe something is an “Adjective”. The concept of a table being referred to simply as a noun is rather silly. Describe adjective grammar for students.

Teach English to young students.

Grammarians know that most nouns can be used as a verb in the English language. Telling students that the word “Table” is also an adjective or a “Verb” is often shocking to the him or her.

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They often wonder why the Ukrainian English teacher told them something that was not entirely true. There are simple answers to this question. It often starts with the teacher who taught the teacher. It is also about the qualifications of most Ukrainian teachers at graduation.

Most teachers are taught to teach students at public schools. They are qualified to teach English to young students and it stops there. For the English teachers that have taken the time to educate themselves to teach at higher levels; My hat is off to you! I know it is not easy to teach at higher levels. This is based on what I have witnessed in Ukraine over the past nine years.

Adjective Grammar Feeling Blue.

Adjectives are simple describing words that give information about nouns, pronouns and feelings. That said, remember about that job thing. Just because an adjective is generally used to describe, they can also take on other jobs in the English language. For instance, the word “Blue” is generally considered an adjective to describe an object. However, when the letter “A” is used before the word “Blue”, it becomes a noun. “A table, a chair, a book, a blue”. “A blue is another word for “Pill or capsule”. These are simple examples of nouns. Adjective grammar is important in English.

To blue a shirt.

“I am feeling blue” is a great way to teach students the basic concept of an adjective. The statement “I am feeling blue” means the same as “I am feeling depressed”. The simple concept that a word is just a word until we use it in a specific way is a great method to help with better grammar understanding. Don’t forget that the word “Blue” is also used as a verb. “To blue that shirt” means “To make it a different color. Don’t confuse the word “blue” as an adjective with “blue” as a compound noun. That example would be “Blue jeans”. Just remember that a word is just a word before we give it it’s assignment. What is that words job? This is what determines what we refer to a word in a grammatical sense. An adjective is any word that helps describe a noun, pronoun or feelings. Adjective grammar relies on great English teachers.

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