How To Learn Advanced English in 2017 Ukraine


To understand a second language is not easy. Reading, writing, speaking and listening are all parts of the English language. Most students learn how to read first, some might learn to speak before being able to write. Speaking is usually second. Students practice speaking and pronunciation. Listening is usually third in the learning process. Writing is usually first with children but, last with adults.

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Spelling is always a challenge for students. To have full command of all these aspects of English is impossible for most. For a select few that know what it takes to learn another language, anything is possible. Students who find time to study at length can be proficient at an early age. In fact, as young as 12 maybe 14. These are young students who have time to study and might be influenced by their parents involvement.

One of the important factors that goes into a students ability to learn a language is the teaching methodology. Young students often learn faster with images and interactive concepts. Students past the age of twenty or so, might learn at a faster pace by simply listening to audio recordings of just about anything in English.

The main idea to all of this is simply: No two people learn exactly the same way. Every student no matter what their age learns differently. However, there are some basic methods that apply to everyone. To learn advanced English is possible for everyone with the right methodologies and time commitment. Learn advanced English with a few simple rules.

Learn Advanced English by Teaching.

So, let’s take a look at a few areas of teaching and learning methodologies. Study the basics inside and out by using the methods that work for you. How do you know if a particular study method is helping you? It is simple really. It is all about progress. If you are making daily progress; Don’t stop what you are doing. Daily progress is key to English proficiency. The main idea here is that while you study, pay attention to your progress.

Daily progress is important because if you stop studying English you might go backwards in your retention ability. To remember a language after taking an English holiday for days, weeks or months, is never easy. One simple way to plant English in your memory in such a way to improve retention is to teach to others. Sounds like a crazy idea, Right? Maybe but, the concept truly works for those who try.

Teaching others is the best way to retain what you have studied and learned. By teaching others basic elements of English over time, you will notice your English improving daily. There are two elements that prevent students from speaking fluently at the advanced level. They are speaking practice and an extensive vocabulary. By teaching others basic parts of English, you have the opportunity to speak and use your vocabulary. Learn advanced English by teaching others.

Practice Daily. Learn Advanced English.

What do I mean by “Teaching others English?” The concept is simple. Teach others and share your knowledge. By doing so, you will automatically remember what you teach. For most students, simply teaching what you have learned to others will help you better understand why you do what you do. Describing grammar and “how” it works is one great method. Teaching others “why” grammar works the way it does is another. “What” does a part of grammar do? “What” is it’s job?

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Explaining grammar elements this way is one of the very best methods to remember. For instance; “What is a noun?” answer… “A noun is the name of a person, place, thing or idea”. Another example might be “What is a pronoun?” answer… “A pronoun is a word used to replace a noun”. Simple right?

Would you like to speak and understand advanced English? This method can be used for all parts of the English language. Study everyday. Speak as much English as possible. Study and learn at least five new words a day. Don’t be afraid to teach others with your knowledge of English. These ideas and thoughts are based on my teaching experience in Ukraine over a nine year period. Stay focused. Make daily progress. Speak English.

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