Learn Advanced English Ten Reasons Why

Learning Advanced English is no easy task. As a native English speaker, it is a piece of cake. As a second language, for some, the challenge is overwhelming.

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Teaching English in Ukraine for nearly ten years has taught me a lot. To be reminded why we do what we do to speak English, is just one reason. English in Ukraine is like gold to many. Freedom and opportunities are good examples. Freedom to choose higher paying jobs or for immigration to other countries are usually at the top of the list for reasons why.

Working for just about any company in Ukraine with the right qualifications will put a worker in a higher position for sure. This can mean the difference between just getting by or having extra income to help mom and dad or maybe grandma and grandpa.

The younger you are, the easier it is to find growing businesses that think progressively. The older you are often works against a persons ability to compete with younger workers. Below are ten reasons why Ukrainians should study and speak advanced English.

Auto Reason Number 10

Automobile ownership is just a dream for most Ukrainians. In fact, most Ukrainians do not drive their own car. It is just too much for the average citizen.

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Most people in Ukraine use public transportation. It can be very efficient and cheap. However, many do own and drive in Ukraine. These are usually individuals who have a higher than usual salary. With the purchase price of a new car, comes some common and uncommon expenses.

The first challenge for anyone who knows Ukraine is always the poor road conditions. This means a higher than usual repair bill for all cars who travel the roads in Ukraine.

Speak advanced English and you might find great opportunities. Want to purchase and drive your own car? Earn more money! Maybe create and build your very own business.

Business Reason Number 9

Business creation is not that uncommon for many Ukrainians. With the right idea and proper planning, building a profitable business is possible for sure.

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One of the keys to a successful small business in Ukraine is to start slowly. Learn what it takes to create needed products or services with a solid plan and your own money. Starting a small business with your own money has many benefits. Credit is quite high in Ukraine.

Borrowing money is often the first reason why a business fails. Earn more money, save more money and invest it wisely. If you choose to start your own business, try not to borrow money from anyone.

Advanced English will help you find investors. Save your money and protect your investment without the need to return money you borrowed.

Investment Reason Number 8

Investment is simply how people around the globe make money with money. This might be about putting your money in stocks and bonds.

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Understanding how the investment market works takes a serious education and often requires English. Having a basic knowledge of English is just the beginning. To fully learn how to invest money in just about every aspect, education is key.

There are many ways to educate yourself about investing. If you plan on learning from investment professionals, having English skills is essential.

All advanced English speaking countries have been investing in the marketplace much longer than Ukraine. This fact alone is a big reason to know and speak  English if you are planning to study and learn from people who live and work in English speaking countries.

Tax Advice Reason Number 7

Taxes are a part of every life in every society. With a job comes taxes. The more you earn in salary, the more you pay in taxes. Although nobody wants to pay taxes, everyone must. Understanding how the taxation system works in Ukraine is never easy. Tax laws change daily and are rarely easy to understand without the help of an accountant. Even with that accountant, it is nearly impossible to trust laws and regulations.

Tax rules and accounting are often misunderstood because of the interpretation of a law. Often, Ukrainian tax authorities make their own rules and policies. Having an educated accountant or tax adviser is essential to paying your taxes and saving as much as possible. Accountants don’t work for free. Find a professional and follow the law. Save extra cash for that next holiday.

Travel Reason Number 6

Travel and holidays are an essential part of Ukrainian life. Most Ukrainians plan for some kind of holiday somewhere. It might be inside Ukraine or a neighboring country. Travel around the globe is likely if a person understands English and is able to speak fluently. In many countries, it is important to know how to negotiate prices and save on your travel bill.

The common language is always English. If you speak and understand great English, you are able to communicate and negotiate to save money. Travel to a foreign country is never cheap. All Ukrainians need a travel budget to help make the holiday fun and enjoyable. Earning more money and saving some too, will help you spend less and take more back home. Be safe and stay healthy too.

Healthcare Reason Number 5

Healthcare is something everyone should be concerned about. Although, Ukraine has a national healthcare system, it often does not work as promised. Patients are often required to supply their own alcohol and cotton swab. Many simple procedures are not paid for by the government. If you plan to be seen by a doctor before too long, you must pay someone for that privilege.

Having extra money helps a patient with healthcare stay healthy. If you need an operation, you will pay extra for that. Without having money to pay for unexpected healthcare costs, life is always more difficult. Having a little more money saved up can also help your family.

Family Reason Number 4

Helping family members in some way, will happen. It might be your immediate family or extended family. Most relatives need financial help at some point in time. Having extra money put away for a rainy day will help take care of financial challenges your family may face. It is common for kids to help mom and dad with money from time to time. Helping others is what Ukrainians do. Having a better paying job is just one way to assist family members at a time of need.

Having great English helps provide a person with a better paying job and the ability to help others with their financial responsibilities and emergencies. In Ukraine today, pensioners find it difficult to keep up with most daily expenses. One of the only ways for parents to pay for heating and other living expenses is with the help of family. Know how to use the Internet search for opportunities.

Knowledge Reason Number 3

The outside world of knowledge is ever changing. English is just one of the keys to information outside of Ukraine. If an individual knows English, there are many more news sources available. Countless websites also teach better English and education in many different ways. Information in English newspapers and business websites are other reasons to better understand English.

Finding companies that offer employment opportunities around the world is much easier when doing a search in the English language. Just understanding English is not enough. Being able to spell and write English is also essential for acceptable communication. With a better understanding of the English language, you open up the world of knowledge. Finding a job can be easier.

Jobs Reason Number 2

Employment opportunities are everywhere if you know how to find them. Typing in English when doing a search on the Internet will allow a person to find employment opportunities that you may not have been able to find when doing a search in Ukrainian or Russian.

Many Ukrainians travel far and wide for jobs. Travel to the UK or anywhere in Eastern Europe in search of a job is always easier with great speaking and comprehension skills. Working in another country is a great way to meet other people in your field of expertise. Training and work experience in another country is a great way to add additional work related skills to your CV or resume. Often, working outside Ukraine will pay a person a higher salary. Earn more money with a higher paying job.

Money Reason Number 1

Money, Money, Money!!! Yes, it is true. For Ukrainians, having a great job is essential to do the important things in life and reach societies common goals. Buy a flat, have a car, money in the bank. These all make up reasons for studying and learning to speak English fluently. Ukraine is a cash society. Most people have nightmare stories about banks and credit. There are finance companies on every street corner in Ukraine not to mention the banks.

Earning a higher salary means that a person won’t have the need to borrow money. Borrowing money for the basics in life is not all that uncommon, especially for the older generation. Try not to borrow money if you don’t really have to. Saving your hard earned salary and building a life for you and your family should always be your number one priority.

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