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American English language in Kiev or anywhere in the world is a valuable asset. American English is used throughout the world and is regarded as the International language for travel and business.

American English Language
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Although every country has their own version of English, The American English language is best known for its flexibility and understand-ability.

General American English is spoken with the Rhotic “R”. Rhoticity as it is known, is when a word ends with the “R” sound pronounced.This also occurs when the “R” is near the end of a word. Non Rhotic speech is when we do not pronounce the “R” sound. This is common in British English. This is a fascinating subject for grammarians and all teachers of English. There is also a variable Rhotic variant.

The American English language is taught at many private language schools in Ukraine. British English is taught at public schools. What are a few of the differences? Pronunciation would be the first noticeable comparison. There are also variances in the use of prepositions, phrases, spelling, word definition and more.If you are planning to improve your English, think about why you need to learn better English. Is it for business?, travel?, education?

Other considerations to bear in mind before you begin to study English again might be time available daily and a goal. In other words, what is your time goal? When do you expect to use your improved English? Is it better to study in private, semi-private, mini-group or group? Depending on your life priorities like work, home life, schooling or other responsibilities. Group lessons are usually at fixed time each week. The same with mini-group.

Semi-private and private English lessons are usually more flexible. If you have responsibilities the require time changes, consider private lessons. If you have a set schedule with little change, consider group. It is all about each individual. If you are the type of person who learns fast, consider private or semi-private. This allows you to move at your own pace. Group lessons help with the interactions between students and usually take longer to complete a full course.

If you are considering studying English again, speak with the language school personnel to help you decide what might be best for you. If you have already studied British English, consider studying American English to help increase your vocabulary and its usage.

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