Oxford Headway Book Review #1 Ukraine

Study English in Ukraine and you open the world up to opportunities. Immigration, jobs, teaching or just helping others learn English. There are so many reasons why you should study and learn English. My Oxford Headway Book Review comes from years of instruction with Headway Books. Receive a FREE Headway Workbook at Larisa English Ukraine details here.

Oxford Headway Book Review
Oxford Headway Elementary

Headway used to be an industry leader in Ukraine. Their English grammar books are still well known and accepted. Headway books are available at most shops and book stores that sell educational books. Although the price of Headway books is out of reach for most Ukrainians, they are still popular among those who can afford them.

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The Headway series of English grammar books starts with beginner, all the way up to Advanced. Headway is actually a series created by John and Liz Soars that is comprised of six levels. Beginner is for the true beginner. This level is for students who did not study English in grade school. I hope you find my Oxford Headway Book Review useful.

All Ukrainian students are required to study a foreign language in school. Most students study English while a few study German, French and Polish. This all depends on staff available at the school the students attends. Download Larisa English Grammar Fundamentals here. This book makes a great addition to all grammar books.

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While the beginner level is perfect for those who had not studied English in school. The beginner level Headway should not be used as a grammar review for those who studied in School. Headway beginner is great for new English learners.

If a student wishes to re-study English for the second time, Headway Elementary should be used. The beginner level can be quite boring for students who know and understand basic grammar, the alphabet, numbers etc. Use the Headway Elementary for students who need to learn English after the first time regardless of how long ago it was that the student studied English.

The Oxford Headway Book Elementary level, is the most commonly used for students in Ukraine. It provides a solid English grammar foundation for learners as a review.

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Headway elementary give students the opportunity to read, write, listen and speak English at a basic level. This complete set includes a student book and workbook. They definitely compliment each other and should be used together for the best results. Students like the Headway series because of the books layout and grammar topics. The article content is also relevant and good for students discussion with other students as well as the instructor.

Two areas I would consider improving with the next update for Headway Elementary would be “Tag questions” and “Passive voice”.

Although tag questions or question tags are used in the fourth edition Oxford Headway, there is no mention or explanation of “Tag questions”. There is no mention as to why they are used. Clearly, “Tag questions” are an important part of English for many reasons. This includes why we use “Tag questions” and “Intonation” with “Punctuation”.

Tag questions don’t need to be thoroughly explained for most students but, it should be, at the very least, a topic for discussion. Experienced teachers know this. At Larisa English, “Tag questions” are always a topic for discussion at the elementary level while instructing students.

In English education, “Passive voice” is usually taught at the intermediate level. For me personally, this is a mistake for a number of reasons. After teaching over 15,000 hours of English in Ukraine, the strengths and weaknesses of the Ukrainian English education system are clear. My Oxford Headway book review is a great way to help you decide what book to use for your English study needs.

Although most English teachers who teach in public schools are more than qualified to teach young students, few meet the needs of students beyond elementary. This is the main reason why “Passive voice” Is rarely taught to students while attending school. Why is this important? It is because of the methods students learn by today.

Receive a FREE Headway Workbook at Larisa English Ukraine details here.

Students of English have tremendous resources to learn English with that did not exist in the past. Of course, the Internet plays a major role in this statement. Because of modern electronic resources, students have the ability to take control of the learning tools before them. My Oxford Headway book review is intended to help others learn English.

At Larisa English Ukraine, students speak much faster due to the way we teach English. Students asking questions is the first step towards speaking fluently at an earlier stage than what might be considered normal. At Larisa English, students are encouraged to speak. It is that simple. Using my Oxford Headway book review should help you with your English.

One of the main reasons to teach or introduce “Passive voice” at an earlier stage of English is because most Ukrainian teachers don’t put any emphasis at all. What do I mean by that? Most Ukrainian teachers rarely spend much time on “Participle two” verbs. Most teachers in Ukraine, tell students “Participle two” is used for the “Perfect tenses”. While this is certainly true, verbs in the third form are also used for passive voice.

There is a lot more to this but, the main idea is that students must understand the need to study and learn irregular and regular verbs at an earlier stage than they do now.

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