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Corporate business English clients have supported Larisa English Ukraine for many years. Countless students from corporate clients have studied English at Larisa English in Mykolaiv.

Corporate Business English
Larisa Business Success

For all those professional companies, we say “Thank you”. You are the companies that know what community is all about. Your generosity and support have helped make Larisa English a community language school with the best teachers anywhere.

Quality, professional businesses promote excellence in our teaching staff. We are proud to know all of you and honored so many have chosen our school since 2008. Larisa, myself and all our teachers “Salute you and your professional organizations”.

Teaching English with International standards is always our main goal. We know that you depend on our school for the best English in Mykolaiv Ukraine. Corporate business English offers many programs for your employees.

Our teachers know what an International standard is and how to help your staff meet your high expectations. Larisa English Ukraine has grown from a staff of one to many.

The size of our school has grown from one small room to ten multi-purpose rooms for up to 50 visitors. Our classrooms are colorful and comfortable.

All classrooms are equipped with modern computers and monitors. All are connected to the Internet with web-cams for Internet communications with students all over the world.

Students from many countries are taught English seven days a week from our facilities. Our English teachers are professionally trained to teach on-line with fast results. We understand the need for professionally trained teachers that know how to get results.

Only the best teachers in the Mykolaiv region are trained to teach English with our methodologies. Our special programs including “Masterclass 80/20 Business English” is perfect for all business clients. Larisa English “Freestyle English” is one of a kind in Ukraine. Freestyle gets students speaking fast with the main emphasis on speaking fluency and conversation. Corporate Business English is perfect for staff working with customers in other countries.

Well known companies have been using our exclusive English teaching programs for many years. Hundreds of companies in the Mykolaiv region have studied English at Larisa English Ukraine. Teachers at Larisa pay close attention to the needs of all students.

Business English is no exception. Many companies come to Larisa English for English in marketing, finance, human resources, logistics, science, economy, management, training, teaching, Information technology, call centers, agriculture, banking and many more.

Students study how to speak without accents as well as short form. A priority is placed on both spoken English and body language for corporate clients. Meeting and greeting along with everyday business conversation.

Larisa English Ukraine has a professional staff to answer all your questions and take care of all your language education needs.

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