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Whether you plan to teach English in a foreign land or just to your kids, it might sound like a great idea to take a CELTA course. You might consider a TEFL course if you find the time and money. What does CELTA stand for “Certificate in Teaching English to speakers of others languages”.

CELTA TEFL Education

What is TEFL? “Teaching English as a Foreign Language”. Rethinking why you speak English might be another reason. It’s possible you just want to start doing some creative writing. Some might think a full course of either one one of these will help you better understand why you do what you do.

No matter why you are thinking about taking a CELTA or TEFL course, there are a few elements to think about before you sign up with anyone. Of course there are courses online and at your local community college.

It is important to note that no matter where you study to get certified, it is critical that you learn as much as possible. So, what do you learn while taking either course? Classroom conduct along with lesson planning is a top priority. Most of these courses offer basic training and overall concepts for teaching English.

While the idea of taking a course of either
, might sound like a good idea; just remember that teachers are born not created with theory. Real teachers are able to teach just about anything with the right knowledge.

Someone who is not a teacher, most likely will fail to keep a teaching job overseas. Teaching the kids? No problem. Teaching children? No problem. Teaching foreign speaking adults? This is where the rubber hits the road. It is not easy.

While most children are learning English for the first time, adults most likely are not. Children don’t ask many questions. Adults ask plenty. Children study English because it is just what kids do and it is most likely an education requirement.

Adults are usually motivated to study and speak great English for money. It could be a job opportunity. It could be for travel or immigration. Reasons vary but adults will ask plenty of questions for sure.

While kids start learning English at beginner, adults most likely, have studied before. Most adults who have studied in grade school will most likely study at elementary or higher when they study again as an adult. If you decide to teach English as a foreign language to anyone, there are a few things to think about.

Are you a natural born teacher? If not, reconsider teaching any subject. Do you plan to make a career out of teaching? Decide what level you would like to teach. All levels are challenging without practice and feedback. Getting a second education is a great way to go if you love teaching others. Teaching English to students from other countries will reward you with great experiences and new friendships.

Lastly, should you delve into the world of teaching English to foreign born students, here are a few thoughts. Be respectful of students abilities and refrain from laughing or making fun of anyone’s English.

Conduct yourself as you would in any professional business. Learn how to teach grammar inside and out. Learn how to teach using blended learning principles and flipped classroom techniques. Never answer a students question with the word “Because” There is a reason English works the way it does. Be specific in your answers. When asked a question by a student you don’t know the answer to, learn together. Never pretend to know an answer.

I wish you good luck with your new career. For me, teaching English in Ukraine for the past nine years has been a real life adventure. Questions? Write me at billgreen54@gmail.com

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