English Teacher Training Qualification Course

English teacher training is available at Larisa English Ukraine. Teaching students in Ukraine can be challenging. Even the best English teachers know that students come in all forms. Smart, educated, self educated, unmotivated are just a few words that come to mind.

English Teacher Training
English Teacher Training

Age and English level also play an important role in a students interest and motivation. Accepting the challenge of teaching a student is easy compared to understanding the students needs. Teaching a student for the first time, often begins before the first lesson. If done correctly, the first lesson begins at the time of assessment. Please look for student assessment on this website. English teacher training can help you become a better teacher.

What is important about all students? New students depend on the teacher to understand goals. In other words, it’s important to fully understand the students needs and expectations. Different students think differently. That’s why it is important to learn from the student while a teacher teaches.

How does the student like to study? When does the student take the time to study? What type of content does a student like using. These are important questions that a dedicated professional teacher needs to answer.

How does a student like to study? It’s important to separate structured lessons and English supplements. Structured lessons often follow a syllabus. In other words a very structured lesson plan or course. Structured lessons build on a foundation and supplements reinforce the foundation.

When a teacher builds on a strong foundation with every student, it encourages the students eagerness to practice and fill in the gaps. English teacher training is essential to teach at higher English levels. At Larisa English Ukraine, we help teachers become better teachers.

Learning gaps are created when a student begins to use English in practical ways. Practical listening, reading, writing and speaking in combination create questions in a students thinking. A teacher needs to be able to answer all questions in an understandable and repeatable manner.

Teachers should instruct students how to form statements and why they do it. This should be done to form a solid foundation in the students way of thinking. Asking a student how he or she likes to study English is a must. Does the student enjoy watching movies in English with sub-titles? What about music? What about sitcoms? Does he or she have friends or colleagues who share the same aspirations.

When does the student like to study? This simple fact can have a major impact on a students retention ability. It is obvious that a young student does not think the same way as an adult. Young students find it difficult waking up early in the morning. Older students often look at mornings as refreshing and wide awake. Younger students are rarely motivated by anything early in the morning.

Students who need English for a new job are always motivated. Getting to know and understand your student is the the first step to unlocking the door of learning and allowing the teacher to feed English in a tasty way. If your student is hungry for English, you are a great teacher with a motivated student.

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