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The word Like is generally thought of as a verb. In fact, it is a state verb used many ways. Did you know it is also an adjective, a noun, a preposition, an adverb, a conjunction and a suffix? Most students are surprised to learn that a word they learned only as a verb, has many more functions. Like used seven ways.

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In English grammar, most words are regularly used in very specific ways. When students first study English as a second language, learning in simplified terms is usually best. As students of a second language become more proficient and move up to higher levels of English, learning additional ways to use the language becomes essential.

A simple example of like at the earliest stages of learning might be like the following. “I like coffee” or “I don’t like coffee” or “Do you like coffee?”. These are simple ways to use the “Verb Like”. Like used seven ways is all about English.

Like Used Seven Ways.

Here are other ways to use the word “Like”. You can use this word as a…

  • “Adjective”, an example might be “He responded in like manner”.
  • “Preposition”, an example might be “That car is like mine”.
  • “Noun”, an example might be “Have you ever seen the like?”.
  • “Adverb”, an example might be “He is like crazy!”.
  • “Conjunction”, an example might be “She does not dance like you do!”.
  • “Suffix”, an example might be “That color is greenlike”.
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There are other ways “Like” is used as well. Most students are told that we cannot use the word like in the continuous. That is true unless you use it in such a way to promote or get people to talk about you or your products.

Like, love and enjoy are all “State verbs”. In a grammatical sense, we should always follow the established grammar rules. However, in promotions, slang, informal English, phrases and more, there are no rules. Have you ever wondered why McDonalds uses the slogan “I am loving it”? In fact, this is terrible English, but great free advertising and promotion. Like used seven ways is the English language.

Liking is Perfect English.

So, what about the other ways we can use a suffix or more exacting; “Participle One?”. What is “Participle one?”. It is the “ing suffix. The “ing suffix” is used to create continuous tenses, adjectives and gerunds. Be careful with “State Verbs” when adding “ing”. Most state verbs cannot be used in the continuous form as a verbs.

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I will explain the use of “State Verbs” in a future article. Like can be used to create a noun when adding “ing”. An example might be “I have a liking for chocolate cake” In other words, I like cake. It may also mean that I want to eat cake now. Other state verbs can also use the suffix “ing”.

The word “Love” is often used as an “Adjective”. An example might be “She is a loving mother”. The main idea here is that “Like” is used many different ways in the English language. Study and learn how to use the word “Like” and you will be well on your way to speaking great English.

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