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Study English from Kiev Ukraine online or any city in the world and speak fast.

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Learning English online is easier than you think. Many students living in Kiev Ukraine, study English online with Larisa English teachers. Professional English teachers know how to help students learn and speak fast with special study programs. Larisa English teachers are certified, trained and experienced. Online or in the classroom, it is up to you. Larisa English language programs are the best.

Special English Study Programs

Larisa English offers full courses as well as short courses.

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Fast Pack Combo English

Masterclass 80/20 Business English, Freestyle English, Fast Five Pack English, Travel English and more are short courses offered at Larisa English.

Special English study programs are created for individual students and corporate clients. Larisa English is a favorite language school in Mykolaiv for students at University and company executives. English language programs are ever changing based on each students needs.

What is Blended Learning?

English Language Programs

English Short Courses were first created at Larisa English in 2008 based on students needs. Short courses are considered as the perfect method to study English for many students. What exactly is a short course? A short course is considered as a method of study for students with limited time to study. Short courses usually focus on a certain profession or area of knowledge.

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Developed by Education Professionals

Short courses are particularly popular with students who study languages. English short courses are extremely popular at Larisa English Ukraine. Developed by education professionals with countless hours of classroom instruction. English Short Courses can have a duration with as few as five lessons. Lessons can consist of one hour in length or more depending on the students time and study requirements. English language programs must be updated continuously.

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Traditional English Study

Traditional English study programs are also popular at Larisa English Ukraine. What is a traditional method of study? Traditional methods are usually instructional lessons performed in the classroom. Instruction is often combined with books and audio materials. At Larisa English, traditional methods usually combine classroom materials as well and electronic media.

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Modern Learning Institution

A full course of traditional English can take as many as 100 one hour lessons. At Larisa English Ukraine, all lessons incorporate Blended Learning and The Flipped Classroom instructional and study methods. These modern instructional and learning methods are well known and utilized in modern learning institutions. All English teachers at Larisa are required to utilize these teaching techniques. Blended learning is when a students study outside the classroom and offer what they have learned to the instructor and classmates.

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The Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom is when a student studies certain English elements outside the classroom and teaches the instructor in the classroom. These learning techniques are also utilized in online study. Using updated English language programs is essential for the best results.

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