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Ukrainian primary English learners education start from ground zero. Students who study English for the first time, must start with the basics. It is important to create a solid foundation for learners of a second language.

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All students in Ukraine are required to study a foreign language in school. Close to ninety percent of all primary and grade school students study English. The remaining ten percent study German, French, Polish as well as other languages.

Unfortunately, the standard for teaching English from school to school is never consistent. This is a serious challenge for educators and students in Ukraine. There are a number of factors at work regarding the inconsistencies and teaching standards for English language instruction and results in Ukrainian public schools.

All of this said, most Ukrainian students finish school with a basic understanding of English. Having an understanding of the Abc’s creates some kind of foundation to begin the next step in English proficiency. This is where a secondary English education is needed with a unique approach. English learners education is not that difficult.

Secondary English Learners Education

A secondary English education in Ukraine is usually accomplished by private tutors or possibly at university. A private tutor might travel to a students home or be found at a private language school. Which is better? Who knows for sure!

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The primary goal for every student should always be “Progress”. As long as the student is making progress, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. Progress is key to learning and speaking English proficiently.

A secondary English education is essential if a Ukrainian student is going to study, learn and speak English. English fluency is always the primary goal of all students. Writing, reading and listening are also parts of a secondary English education. This brings up the fact that a primary or first English education is just the beginning stage of English study.

In most cases, a secondary English education is required and should be taught with a much different methodology. This is dependent on a students level. If the student is at a beginner or lower Elementary level, it might be better to start over with a complete course of English. English learners education is not difficult at Larisa English Ukraine.

Less Traditional English

However, once a student tests at a higher level of Elementary, it is possible to teach English in a less traditional manner. What is traditional? A traditional course of English is generally a minimum of 50 one hour lessons.

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A full course at most levels can range from 50 to 100 one hour lessons. After teaching English for over nine years in Ukraine, I can tell you, it does not need to be this way. In fact, for most students, a secondary English education in today’s learning environment, should not be taught with the same methodology as a primary education.

What do I mean by this? Once a student reaches the pre-intermediate level, it is not always necessary to re-teach what he or she already knows. With computers, the Internet and unlimited educational resources, proactive students do self study. This occurs more often than not. Motivated students study and learn at a much faster pace today compared to the traditional methods of years ago.

What is The Flipped Classroom?

Careful Study and Flexibility

A few years ago, I started to recognize the need to instruct differently. The old methods were clearly inadequate for many students. What are the old methods? Traditional grammar books, audio tape scripts and a serious amount of classroom instruction.

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While many students prefer the old way of English study, there is a growing number of Ukrainians that know how to take charge of their own lives. These individuals are educated and able to afford a secondary education.

So, what is the answer to how we teach the English of today to English learners? The best answer to this question is, “Find out what works best for each individual student”. Flexibility should be the main focus. One size never fits all. For those students who prefer traditional learning methods, a full course of English in a structured classroom setting can be the best method. For proactive students who need to fill in the gaps with questions and answers, a different method can now be used.

Modern Teaching Methodology

In early 2009, I started to develop what is now called, Larisa English Masterclass. This learning methodology is perfect for most students at the Pre-Intermediate level and above, To create and develop Masterclass, I surveyed many students and teachers. With a combination of ideas, experiences and proven results, Masterclass became a serious daily project. Over the past eight years, Larisa English Masterclass has proven itself as a progressive, Modern, alternate, teaching methodology. This methodology is extremely popular with students. They learn and speak English much faster compared to traditional methods.

Larisa English Masterclass

Larisa English Masterclass is just one of our short courses. Over the past five years, we have created additional short courses for a total of eight. Short courses target what the student needs to develop a solid understanding of English grammar while the main focus is speaking English fluently. This methodology is perfect for students who need to review grammar elements forgotten as a minor focus.

A major emphasis is placed on speaking practice with conversation. While there are many elements to our Short Courses, the primary focus is targeted for the individual students needs and requirements. The flexibility of these special Short Courses makes them perfect for most students. While homework is not required, it is recommended. As few as five, one hour lessons, can be taken to achieve the required results. Teachers can target just what is needed to fill in the knowledge gaps and to promote spoken English fluency.

Although Larisa Short Courses are designed to achieve positive results in just a few lessons, additional lessons can be added anytime. Study five, ten, twenty or more hours for the desired result. Students have the ability to work with the teacher to create a targeted lesson plan. Study just the parts of English you need to accomplish your language learning goals.

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