Freestyle VS. Old Style English Study Programs Ukraine

There is an Intensive English Course at Larisa English School in Mykolaiv that is extremely popular. Students are able to study English with a flexible program. It’s not old style English.

Freestyle English
Larisa Freestyle English Program

Larisa Freestyle English was created for students who just need to study specific elements of the English language. Why is this important? Simple! Most students who attend private language schools in Ukraine have already studied English at public school. Old style English can be boring.

Freestyle VS. Old Style English

For many students, studying the same old elements of English is extremely boring and monotonous. Larisa Freestyle English was developed over the past five years at Larisa School of Language Mykolaiv Ukraine.

Freestyle English
Larisa Freestyle English Program

Teachers, students, educators, developers and many others shared knowledge and gave advice for this special language program. Freestyle English was created for those that need to fill in the gaps of their English knowledge. For students who have studied English at the Elementary level and above, this special program may be perfect. Freestyle VS. Old Style English, wow!

Prepositions Time, Place, Movement Flashcards

Is Freestyle for Everyone?

Is Larisa Freestyle English perfect for everyone? No. For many students who depend heavily on a teachers ability to encourage study outside the classroom, this program is probably not for them. Students who lack the motivation to study on their own; learn and retain English at a slower pace than others. For students who are active and self starters, this program may be perfect. Old style English is time consuming.

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Study what you need

Freestyle English allows students to study and review just the elements of grammar they need. This might seem silly to some but, imagine having to study a subject you already fully understand. Imagine having to sit through a boring lesson on a subject you already know inside and out. Imagine relearning the “verb to be” over and over again and again. With Freestyle English you are able to study just the parts of grammar that you have forgotten. This method of learning is much faster and more effective than old traditional methods for most students. Old style English is a thing of the past for many students.

Verbs and English Grammar

While some students prefer to study English with a complete course of English, many prefer Freestyle English. A full course of English can be as many as fifty one hour lessons. Freestyle English might require just 10. Freestyle English offers the flexibility to study English in as few as ten lessons or as many as a student wishes. The main idea is for a teacher to work with a students until they achieve a desired level. Why study what you already know with old style English.

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Larisa School of Language in Mykolaiv is the only school that offers Freestyle English. It is truly one of a kind. The program starts out with a general grammar review. For most students, the review can take as few as five lessons. Once the general grammar review is completed, a targeted grammar review begins. The targeted grammar review is extremely flexible with time and grammar elements. Speaking and conversation practice is incorporated in every lesson. This creates a comfortable learning atmosphere for the student and always achieves positive results. Learn more about Larisa Freestyle English now.

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