English Club Ukraine

Dear friends! As you know, the English club has been in our school for eight years already.

English Club Ukraine

Nikolaev Ukraine Free English Club

Every Saturday many people come to participate. Now it is already difficult to accommodate all our guests.

It’s time to change our club! We plan to create videos on specific topics of English grammar. We are going to put them on our YouTube channel weekly. These videos will be available to subscribers of this blog and our new site devoted to the English club, larisaenglishclub.com

Thanks to these changes you will be able to watch the recording at a time convenient for you, as well as choose an interesting topic and review the videos as many times as you want.

We hope that you will like our changes!


Contact Larisa School of Language today.

One thought on “Larisa Online English Club by Billgreen54

  1. Saturday morning English Club is a Saturday tradition for my people who live in Nikolaev. Meet friends from Nikolaev and new friends from around the world. learn from Bill and make use of great English for life and family. Ask questions all about English, business, marketing and more. Just ask! Every Saturday for the past Eight years. Join your friends, learn to speak great English Saturdays at 10 am to 12 noon at Larisa English Club Nikolaev.

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