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Private English language schools are everywhere in Ukraine. They vary in size, number of rooms, number of teachers, locations and teaching methodology.

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Most private language schools teach with outdated methods. Old books, no computers, simple small rooms, classrooms without modern media equipment and outdated methodologies.

At Larisa English Ukraine, we teach in modern facilities. Classrooms are colorfully decorated with English learning posters and decor. All classrooms are equipped with modern computers and large screen monitors.

All classrooms are equipped with web cams for online lessons. All classrooms have modern heating and air conditioning. Seating in classrooms accommodates from three to fifty.

Two rooms are equipped with Epson movie projectors and large screens. Ten classrooms in all, make up Larisa English Ukraine in Mykolaiv.

Founded in November 2008, Larisa English Ukraine began with just one small room. Since then, year by year, we have grown substantially.

More rooms, teachers and resources. Our websites are well known for their quality content and learning materials. Larisa School of Language dot net is the largest language learning website based in Ukraine from a Ukrainian based private language school.

Our websites have been created with a simple concept; use them for teaching inside and outside the classroom. Our websites are updated daily with fresh relevant content.

Larisa English and The LSL Education network are proud of the many PDF books we have created and give away freely on our websites. Our books are all about the English language.

Most of our books have been translated into other languages. Our books online are available at many websites.

Larisa English grammar book have been viewed online more than half a million times. Our sites also offer other free publications. These publications are all about education and the English language. Download our free PDF books today.

Larisa English Language School is centrally located in downtown Nikolaev. Our location makes it easy for everyone to find near bus stops and parking.

Visit Larisa English in Nikolaev Ukraine or call for more information.

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