What is a Professional Language School in Ukraine?

A Professional language school in Ukraine understands the needs of each and every student. It knows how to properly assess and evaluate students English level.

Student Evaluation is Important.

First and foremost, the assessment professional at a language school must have experience and a solid education. Student evaluation consists of a number of elements which are critical to the goals of every student. What do I mean by goals?

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Language goals vary from student to student. Most private language schools in Ukraine are more interested in earning money. At Larisa English Ukraine, our primary concern are the needs of every students. A professional language school is always searching for qualified English teachers.

Proper Testing is Essential.

That is why we start with a proper evaluation with testing first. This is usually done by the student online first. Without proper testing, there is no way to determine a students grammar level.

This is a critical first step in determining the remaining evaluation points. At Larisa English Ukraine, we use a seven point evaluation with every student at or above the Elementary level. A professional language school creates educational content the works.

Use Modern Teaching Resources.

Professional teachers are an essential element to the methodology at Larisa English Ukraine. Experienced English teachers know how to teach with modern teaching resources.

We equipped all ten classrooms at Larisa English in Mykolaiv Ukraine with modern computers, large screen monitors, student Interactive keyboards and high speed internet. Electronic teaching resources are key to the success at Larisa English Ukraine. Professional language school education is not difficult with the best teaching resources.

Professional Language School Pride.

Teaching methods are greatly enhanced when electronic media and resources are utilized. This makes for the very best educational experience with every students in mind. Beginner to advanced levels are taught with sincere professionalism and integrity. This is one of the many keys to the success at Larisa School of Language in Mykolaiv Ukraine.

Blended learning and the Flipped Classroom instructional and learning techniques are core to the top level instruction. These resources and more provide students with educational learning comprehension second to none in Ukraine. Speak fast with a professional language school study program.

Larisa Educational Resources.

Larisa Educational websites are utilized for teaching in classrooms. Students are also able to connect with these resources at home for private study. This provides a platform for students to demonstrate abilities in Blended Learning and The Flipped Classroom progressive study techniques.

Larisa English Ukraine creates and utilizes educational content created by Larisa English Educators. Everything from flashcards with Russian transcription to videos in English are available on our websites. Larisaschooloflanguage.net contains over 800 pages of educational content and information. This website is updated daily by professionals with new content as well as updated learning materials.

Hundreds of Educational Videos.

We create our websites to add that higher level of education not offered by other private language schools in Ukraine. Larisa English at YouTube is another resource for students in-class and at-home study. Hundreds of videos and podcasts are available on our YouTube sites.

All completely free of charge to everyone learning the English language. Why not give Larisa English a try? Your first lesson is always free and Larisa English lessons online are a great way to study and speak fast.

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