Where is Larisa English School Ukraine?

Larisa English School Ukraine is located in downtown Mykolaiv Ukraine. Offices are one the second floor of the Shevchenko Business Center. The ten classrooms are well organized and professionally equipped with electronic teaching equipment. Classrooms are comfortable and cleaned daily.

Larisa English School Ukraine
Larisa English School Ukraine

Tables have extra computer keyboards for students interaction with computers and provides additional teaching tools for the instructor. All of the classrooms are air conditioned for the summer months and well heated for the winter months.

Students are able to control the air conditioning and heating to suite their preferences. Larisa English School Ukraine is the most professionally equipped private language school in Mykolaiv Ukraine.

All classrooms offer free mountain spring water along with hot tea or coffee and often snacks and candies for students who study just after work. Comfortable settings for uninterrupted lesson sessions. Cushioned chairs are colorful and comfortable.

All classrooms have windows with interesting views and calm settings. All classrooms are equipped with language learning wall posters displaying many parts of the English language. This includes posters with tenses, adverbs, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions, nouns, interjections and pronouns.

Larisa English School has also created and printed their own posters and are available for free download.

English teachers at Larisa English School are well trained and speak excellent English. All teachers are required to teach as much as possible in the English language.

Unlike other language schools in Ukraine, it is important to help students speak fluently. This can only be accomplished when teachers teach in English and create a speaking atmosphere. The English teachers are dressed professionally and present a professional appearance.

Teachers at Larisa English have a positive attitude and friendly personality. Management at Larisa English School are always there to help students learn English to suit the needs of each and every student.

Larisa English School does not advertise or promote in newspapers, billboards, or other traditionally paid for advertising methods. This school promotes itself through positive student referrals and the Internet. All students attending Larisa English pay for their lessons with Flex Pay.

Flex Pay is an easy way to afford English language lessons. Students can pay for just one lesson, two lessons or any way they wish. Students attending group lessons are asked to pay monthly for accounting purposes.

Larisa English School also offers scholarship programs for those in need of educational assistance.

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