Why Study American English in Ukraine? by Billgreen54

There are many reasons why a Ukrainian should learn English in Ukraine. More importantly, Study American English. After teaching over 15,000 English lessons over the past eight years in Mykolaiv Ukraine, I have clearly seen the benefits of American English.

American English
American English and Why

One of the reasons why Human Resources hires an individual is because that individual is different. It may also be a requirement of a company. This company can be based in Ukraine or a variety of countries around the world.

For foreign companies from other countries, it is often very important that an employee speak with a neutral accent or natural dialect.

British English has a very distinct pronunciation whereas, American English can be much more of a common pronunciation. This may not always be true. It’s often best to study with a native English speaking teacher that grew up in the western states in America.

So what are some reasons why it is important to study American English? Lets start with spelling. Although many words are spelled the same in both British and American, there are many differences as well. Colour vs color, labour vs labor, centre vs center and so on. It is important to know the difference and how to use different words.

American English is used internationally for programming, signage at International airports and more.

Another reason for having a better understanding of American English is word definition and the differences between meanings. In British English, the word biscuit is cookie in American English.

Words like car park and parking lot have the same meaning in both languages. “Mean” in American English usually means “Not nice” commonly in British English, “Mean” refers to someone that is thrifty or stingy with money.

Most Ukrainians study British English in grade school. The idea to study American usually comes up after grade school. Many students learn some American because of their job.

If you are in IT, you know what I mean. Why not learn some American English while you communicate with Americans.

Other differences between British and American can be found in Collective nouns, Auxiliary verbs, Past tense verbs and spellings, Tag questions also known as Question tags and the loss of the “R” towards the end of the word or at the end of a word. This is called “Non-Rhotic Speech”. I always ask students to use just a little of the “R” sound in their pronunciation so that everyone will be able to understand what is being said.

If you are Ukrainian, take the time to study American English and learn a few of the differences. It’s not difficult and it might help you get that next job.

If an interviewer hears you speaking a little American English, he or she will know that you took the time to learn another language. That makes you more valuable to all companies who are associated with American enterprises.

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