American English Schools Exist in Ukraine

American English Schools are everywhere in Ukraine but, do they have an American teaching English? Probably not. Many private language schools promote American English but, they seldom have a teacher from America.

American English Schools
American English Schools Ukraine

For the schools that employ an American qualified teacher; congratulations. Having an American teach great English is always a bonus for Ukrainians. If you are thinking about studying at a private language school in Ukraine, be sure to ask if the teacher can teach grammar.

Unfortunately, most foreign English language teachers are not able to fully explain English grammar. At Larisa English Ukraine, all teachers are required to teach English grammar in the English language.

English grammar is essential for teachers of English. Without a basic understanding of the English language and how it works, it is impossible to answer a students questions.

Search for a school with qualified English teachers who know how to teach grammar. Ask simple questions like… How long has the American teacher worked at your school? How many students has he or she taught? Which state is he or she from? Does the teacher know how to instruct lessons while using a computer? What level can the teacher teach? Just ask simple questions and find out if the school is right for you. If you have found several quality American English Schools, congratulations.

Remember that in many areas of English, it is is important to pronounce words correctly. This can only be accomplished with a native English speaking teacher.

If an American teacher comes from a state with a heavy accent, be sure to learn a neutral accent. Try to avoid American teachers from New York and Boston. They usually have a heavy accent. Teachers with a California accent are the best to learn pronunciation from.

Before you decide to work with a Native English speaking teacher, be sure to meet with him or her first. Many language schools in Ukraine promise that they have a foreign born teacher when it may not be true.

American English or British English? Which language should you study? The answer is simple; study both. If you are Ukrainian, you most likely have studied British English in school.

Often, adding new vocabulary and pronunciation is always doable. Remember that there are parts of grammar that may differ from the two languages.

Prepositions, phrasal verbs, nouns and adjectives can vary in meaning between the two languages. If you are required to take a test for travel or immigration, make sure you know what type of English is required.

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