Questions to Ask Your Next English Teacher

How long are my lessons? 45 or 60 minutes? Do you test my English Grammar? What level am I? What level should I study? Is my pronunciation okay? Do I need to correct how I speak? How is my reading? What level is it? Do you know spoken English? Can you teach me Intermediate English? Do you use computer resources or just a book to instruct?

Spoken English
Speak Fast at Larisa English

Do you offer free educational resources? Do I have to buy my books? What about additional learning materials? Do you have an educational website like Larisa School of Language in Nikolaev? Does your next English teacher conduct a free English Club for all students?

Can I pay for each lesson or must I pay for the entire course? Can I have lessons on Saturday? If I cannot travel to the school, can I study by Skype with you? Is your school located near public transportation? Do you offer free coffee and tea? Are your classrooms heated and air conditioned? There are many questions to ask your next English teacher.

Ask Your Next English Teacher.

You should always ask important questions before giving money to anyone. If you are not sure if it is the right school for you, ask questions. After all, it is your money. Many private language schools tell you a lesson is one hour. What they often mean is that the lesson is an academic hour. An academic hour is 45 minutes. At Larisa English Ukraine, all lessons are a full 60 minutes.

Larisa English EDU
Larisa English Edutainment

Some schools don’t require testing. This is just plain silly. You must take an English grammar test to see where your grammar is. At Larisa English, all students above beginner are tested. Correct pronunciation is critical for all students. Unfortunately, many English teachers in Ukraine have difficulty speaking English fluently.

A simple reading test is essential to determine many factors in your English. At Larisa English, all students must read with for the English assessment. Many English teachers have difficulty teaching at the Intermediate level. At Larisa English, we have many teachers who are well trained and experienced. You must ask your next English teacher important questions.

Educational resources are essential for study. Books, audio and video should be used in most English lessons. Larisa English offers many free resources for all students. This includes free PDF books, video, flashcards, audio and other materials to study English with. The Larisa Net website is full of educational content for you to study with at home. In fact, it has over 800 pages of educational content.

Free English Lesson
Get a FREE English Lesson

At Larisa English school, you can pay for one lesson or as many as you wish. There is no minimum.

Our school is available online for long distance learning and in Nikolaev Ukraine. Most all city buses stop nearby the school. Coffee and tea is always free of charge. All classrooms are heated for the winter and cooled for the summer. Call Larisa anytime and request an interview with the assessment professional. Speak English fast at Larisa.

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