Larisa English Evaluation and Orientation Explained by Billgreen54

Student English evaluation is extremely important when level and goals need to be assessed. Larisa English Ukraine uses several methods to determine a students abilities and goals.

Larisa English Evaluation
Larisa English Orientation

All private language schools in Ukraine should utilize a solid proven assessment program to help students start out on the right path to English study success.

At Larisa English, we take our responsibility very seriously to determine the best course of action with each and every student.

Our initial student English evaluation process begins with a simple grammar test followed by an interview with our professional assessment director.

The interview usually takes no more than one hour. The new student assessment includes a review of the students grammar test. A reading and pronunciation test is administered to every student. In addition, a careful assessment of the students vocabulary and listening comprehension is performed.

Once the evaluation process is complete, the students level and course of action is determined. This is done only after the student shares their expectations, goals and time frames. Compare our school here.

Once we understand the students needs, we match the student with a teacher that fits the students requirements. This is based on the students English level, type of lessons ie. group, private, semi-private, mini-group or group lessons time of the day and lesson duration.

After establishing all of the specifics for a student, a schedule is established and the first lesson begins with our orientation packet. An orientation packet is used for all students without exception. More frequently asked questions here.

The Larisa English Orientation packet is a series of basic grammar and pronunciation exercises. The packet is always used before a course begins from a book.

The orientation packet contains pronunciation exercises for key sounds. The packet also contains a simple grammar review of the verb to “BE”, the articles, numbers, the alphabet, prepositions and the eights parts of the English language review.

The orientation packet was originally created by Bill Green based on consistent testing results in 2008 while assessing students English levels.

While the orientation packet is continually reviewed for improvements, it has not changed overall since it’s creation in 2008.

Once the orientation packet has been reviewed by the teacher with the student, the agreed course begins with a lesson plan and course book.

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