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At the beginning stages of English, a basic foundation needs to be established. That’s what Freestyle English is all about. What is a basic foundation? Let’s start with the eight parts of English. Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, adjectives and interjections.

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Unfortunately, just learning the eight parts of English isn’t enough. Learning how to teach them is the real key. One of the very best ways to remember just about anything is to teach it. Think in simple terms. Using simple terms to teach others is the best way to remember for a very long time. English is no exception. Learn more here in Russian.

What is a noun? Answer.. A noun is a word we use to refer to people, place, thing. Toss in animals and ideas and away you go. Once you learn simple terms and practice teaching them, it is amazing at how quickly you will start speaking English fluently. More information here in Ukrainian.

What is a pronoun? Answer.. A pronoun is a word that replaces a noun. Why do we use pronouns? Answer.. So we don’t repeat the noun again and again. Freestyle English allows the student to choose the parts of English that are needed.

What is a verb? Answer.. A verb is a word we use to refer to actions, states and sometimes feelings. Why do we need verbs? Answer.. So we can refer to things we do. Dance, walk, run, climb; these are action verbs. Understand, agree, like, love; These are state verbs. They are used to refer to facts. Some stative verbs are used in the continuous tenses while most are not.

What is an adverb? Answer.. An adverb modifies or helps describe a verb, adjective, another adverb or noun phrase. Adverbs help describe place, time, manner or degree. Adverbs perform an extremely important role in the English language. Freestyle English allows the student to be creative.

What is an adjective? Answer.. An adjective modifies nouns, noun phrases and pronouns. Adjectives are also used to describe feelings. Size, color, features all give more information to describe and explain.

What is a preposition? Answer.. Prepositions connect other words and help describe places, movement and time. Prepositions are also used with phrasal verbs, idioms and metaphors.

What is a conjunction? Answer.. A conjunction joins words, phrases and clauses. And, if and but are just a few of the most common conjunctions. Freestyle English allows students to learn what they want.

What is an interjection? Answer.. An interjection is a word that expresses emotion. Words and phrases like.. wow, super, oh dear and many more are used to show excitement and emotions.

While there are many more parts of the English language, the eight parts above are considered the essential foundation. Learning these simple explanations and being able to teach them to others is one of the best ways to speak fluently. Information in English here.

Knowledge retention is key to understanding and speaking English fluently. Teaching others, practicing your English with others and group discussion are three of the best methods to learn the English language.

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