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The English language is an important part of the international community and everyday life in Ukraine. English provides Ukrainians with opportunities to work, travel and educate others. For those teachers who speak great English, there are jobs at private language schools which offer higher than normal salaries.

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Actually, teachers who speak fluent English are very hard to come by in Ukraine. The reality is that most English language teachers can teach the basics in Ukrainian and Russian but, can’t speak the language adequately.

English is the most popular second language in Ukraine. For International companies, the English language opens many doors for Ukrainians that recognize the potential for better career opportunities. Kyiv Ukraine is a good example of this.

English is needed by everyone connected with business in other countries. English is the common thread that connects Ukraine with the rest of the world. For those who have studied and learned to speak English fluently, they know the importance of a life skill like English. Learn more about Larisa English Ukraine here.

Why should Ukrainians study both British and American English? First of all, it is not that difficult to understand the differences between them. They are both international languages.

British English is often the most taught foreign language in schools. British English can create a solid foundation to the learning process. Once a student has a solid foundation of British English, learning American is usually pretty easy.

What are some of the differences? The first issue to address is usually pronunciation nuances. The pronunciation of the “R” sound is the first place to start.

The “R” in British English is often pronounced as “Ahhh” All students need to practice pronunciation for other sounds as well. Some of the letters commonly mispronounced are the “V’, “W” and “I”. The “V” and “W” are often reversed and the “I” is often pronounced like a long “E” sound.

At Larisa English, we always address these sounds along with many other areas of English before a student begins the study course. This is done to detect habits from the past.

If a student takes the time to improve pronunciation, these sounds can improve in no time at all. Getting the students to speak as naturally as possible is the key with sounds and pronunciation.

Visit Larisa English in Nikolaev Ukraine or call for more information.

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