How to get promoted in 2017

So, you want a promotion and you want to know how to get it?

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Well, it is not as easy as 1,2,3. There are a number of factors that go into that next step up. First is opportunity. Sometimes, opportunities arise when you least expect them. For you to get that promotion, there needs to be an opening. If there is a job to be filled, you have an opportunity to get that job if you are qualified. Now is the time to get promoted in 2017.

Follow Simple Rules

There are usually a number of candidates that want the same job as you.

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That is where you need to know what the others don’t. When you see an opportunity open up at your company, here are a few simple facts to remember. Here are a few simple rules that everyone needs to know, but many never learn. Improved job skills mean a better opportunity to get promoted in 2017.

Am I ready for it?

First, think about how you do your job everyday now.

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Do you always do what you are asked to do? Are you a team player? Are you an honest person? What about your knowledge in your current position? Do you think about the “What if” scenario? What if my boss leaves the company? What if my boss gets promoted? Am I ready to fill his or her shoes? Am I capable to doing my bosses job? How do I get promoted in 2017.

Do I have the qualities?

Think about your current responsibilities and ask yourself “Am I ready to step up?” Do you have what it takes to do the job at least as good as your boss? Could you do your managers job without too much difficulty? If not, think about ways you can improve your job skills. Plan to work hard at the qualities your manager has.

Three Simple Rules

Here are three simple rules to follow if you want that next promotion. Are you honest? Seems simple but, here is something to think about. Do you always arrive at your job on time or are you often late? Do you do what is asked of you or do you try to cut corners? Honesty in a days work and how you feel about yourself are critical elements to that promotion. Without honesty, leadership is impossible. To get promoted in 2017 is not difficult with the right attitude.

Get Promoted in 2017

Are you able to learn? Sounds simple to many but, there are too many people who think they know everything. The best managers are the one’s that are constantly learning something new and improving their job skills. Are you a team player? Do you know how to interact with others? Do you work well with your colleagues? Being a team player is critical to everyone’s job. The first of the year is a great time to reflect on these abilities. If you need to improve for the next job promotion opportunity, do it in 2017.

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