Would you like to start or expand your language school?

Opportunities like this are once in a lifetime.

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Larisa English has decided to go 100% on-line. Effective August 1st, 2018, Larisa English Ukraine will no longer exist as you know it. All lessons will be conducted on-line from the comfort of a students home or office. Since 2008, Larisa School of Language has watched the language business change in many ways. Although Larisa English is a successful private language school, they have decided to take the English language business to the next level. Teaching English and Russian lessons on-line has shown a dramatic increase in just the past few years.

Thousands of lessons have been taught on-line with our professional teachers since the start of Larisa English in November 2008. While all of our lessons will be taught on-line to students around the world, there is no longer a need for all of the classrooms we have today. Our school is situated in such a way that it can be easily divided into two facilities. One part of our existing offices and classrooms will be dedicated to on-line teaching while the other classrooms are waiting for you.

Have you ever thought of starting your very own private language school? Have you ever thought of expanding your existing school? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Our offices and classrooms have been divided and are ready for a new owner. The rooms are rented on a yearly renewable lease. The school is located on the second floor of Shevchenko 63 Mykolaiv Ukraine 54001. The school is centrally located in the downtown area on the corner of Subordna and Shevchenko. Larisa English was founded in November 2008. This school has been in continuous operation for the past ten years. It is well know for teaching the best English in Nikolaev. Larisa English has the most modern equipped school in Nikolaiv.

Here are the details.

Current student enrollment is 87 students.

Lessons taught per week during summer are 100+/-.

Lessons taught in the fall and spring average 150+/- per week.

The classroom portion of our school has six classrooms plus a managers office and reception area.

Rooms accommodate from two to eight students.

All rooms are equipped with new computers, monitors, keyboards and mice.

All classrooms have high speed Internet and headsets for on-line lessons.

All classrooms have cushioned chairs and quality tables.

All grammar books are included.

Electronic files for teaching are included.

One website is included.

Many other details regarding equipment.

Currently, there are five university educated English teachers.

This is a turn key operation for an existing language school that would like to expand in Nikolaev.

Asking price is $10,000USD. Price and terms are negotiable.

More details will be provided for serious inquiries.

Contact Billgreen54@gmail.com for additional information.

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