Blended Learning and The Flipped Classroom in Ukraine by Billgreen54

Knowledge retention is critical for everything we learn. Blended learning and the flipped classroom are two great ways to teach just about anything. There are many theories regarding how we do it successfully. The main idea with just about everything we want to learn is.. “Progress”.

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Daily progress is important to an English learner too. Daily exercises, speaking, writing, listening and more are all part of a language learners list of things to do.

For most, the task of studying English isn’t too difficult. It’s all about priorities and the time devoted to do them. While there are well known techniques that help us with the task of learning English, there are a few lesser known as well.

Blended learning has been around for some time. Wiki explains Blended Learning quite well. Essentially, Blended Learning is when a student learns some of an assignment (Homework) outside the classroom. It might be reading, audio, video or assignments that involve others.

Subjects and activities are discussed in the classroom with the teachers and students. The student is honored with the task of sharing and discussing what he or she has learned outside the classroom. One major benefit of this learning methodology is that the student usually improves the time it takes to comprehend study materials while retaining basic concepts solidly.

I have personally used this teaching approach well over eight years in Ukraine. Students speak faster. It works!

The Flipped Classroom is actually my favorite way of teaching. Besides instruction and conversation practice,

The Flipped Classroom technique is my favorite method for helping students remember why they do what they do. It’s really more about knowledge retention and being able to solidly plant English grammar where it belongs. The memory bank is the most important part of ready access to what we learn.

Most teachers will tell you that, they know what they know because they teach it daily. Teaching others basic elements of English is a solid way to speak it.

When a student teaches English in simple terms, the teacher can help form a solid foundation. Some important facts to remember are the following.

Remember that most students learn “English language construction” from Ukrainian teachers. In other words, teachers teach with examples by teaching “HOW”. The Flipped Classroom offers another way for students to learn by teaching them “WHY”.

What do I mean by “HOW?” Answer… By constructing a sentence. What do I mean by “WHY?” Answer… Why do we construct a sentence a certain way. The “WHY” can also be explained by simply having the students teach the teacher.

A grammar example would be “Why do we use a noun?” Or “What is a noun?” Answer… “A noun is people, place, thing and ideas”. Another example is… “What is a verb? Answer… “A verb is an action or state”. Most students in Ukraine are never taught this way. This is often why Ukrainian students can’t speak fluently after finishing school or even university.

By explaining English in simple terms, students not only learn from a different perspective, he or she is better able to connect to their native language.

The flipped classroom is one of the best ways for students to retain English. Language retention leads to a students ability to speak fluently faster.

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