English as a Second Language and Jobs in Ukraine by Billgreen54

Study a second language and earn more money. Learning English as a second language in Ukraine is even better. If a Ukrainian wants to work or travel, English is essential. Ukrainians who learn great English open doors and opportunities that were impossible before 1989.

Language Study is Good

Ukraine is a great resource for intelligent and resourceful people. Language skills, education, experience and positive attitudes can be found in every corner of Ukraine.

Men and women can make excellent workers, managers and directors. One extremely strong employment field in Ukraine is in the IT industry.

Outsourcing by companies around the world need programmers and specialists to get the job done. Programmers, designers, front end, back end, project managers, marketing managers, e-commerce associates, development managers and many more positions are filled daily by professional Ukrainians.

Learning English is just the first step. Speaking great English is often a huge challenge for most Ukrainians. There is a strong need for Foreign Native Speaking teachers. Unfortunately, the government of Ukraine doesn’t make it easy to retain these teachers for long.

Ukrainians would benefit greatly if it were easier for foreigners to work at language schools. Qualified teachers are extremely difficult to attract from other countries. Most individuals who want to teach in Ukraine, aren’t teachers at all.

The low pay is another reason for creating an interest from foreign teachers. While many volunteers from various foundations, charities and church groups attempt to teach English to Ukrainians, most are not teachers.

I am sure some try but, for the most part, they help with pronunciation and that’s about it. Fortunately, many schools have books created by respected publishers. For those individuals that use them, all they usually do is follow a simple lesson plan. While this might be okay for some, for most, it’s not acceptable.

Foreign Native English speaking teachers must know how to teach grammar in an understandable way. Students are always curious to know how everything works.

When a teacher is asked to explain The Present Simple Tense, they need to know how to do that in an understandable fashion. Most cannot. Let’s hope that sometime in the future Ukraine makes it easier for qualified teachers to work in Ukraine.

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