Larisa English Moves into The Future

To the community of Mykolaiv.

Larisa School of Language began operations in November 2008. Since that time, our school has become the leader in Mykolaiv. Since the first day, our only goal has been to teach the very best English in our school and on-line. Business models around the world change daily as we have changed with time. We are proud of all of the teachers who have helped make our school a great success.

All of our students over our ten year history have provided us with never ending memories. We will cherish those memories for many years to come. We are happy to have been able to share our lives with the Mykolaiv community. From one small room in 2008 to ten rooms in 2018. Technology has always been the key to our success with computers, large screen monitors, on-line lessons and the best English teachers anywhere. Ten years and over 50,000 English lessons taught.

On-line study around the world has become a simple, cost effective and an efficient method of study. The British Council notes that over 300,000 hours of study took place on-line with The British Council Worldwide Teaching Centers in 2017. That equals 1.3 million hours of English on-line worldwide. In 2017 on-line resources created by The British Council helped educate close to 100 million students. There were over 100 million downloads of The British Council language mobile applications in 2017. In 2018 that number will increase by at least 40 percent. All of this allows students to learn much faster at their own pace.

Because of our on-line success over the past ten years, we have decided to put all of our resources into on-line study. We will discontinue teaching English at our location in Mykolaiv. All lessons will be taught on-line and at clients locations. We will utilize our on-line resources and partnerships with other content providers.

The last day of lessons taught in our school will be July 27, 2018. For all students currently enrolled, our teachers will continue teaching you until the last day of in-classroom lessons. No future enrollment will be accepted for in-classroom lessons after July 27, 2018. All current students will have the opportunity to study on-line and at locations agreed to with one of our many teachers. The cost will remain the same as you pay now. This applies for private and semi private lessons. Mini-group and group lessons will no longer be offered by Larisa School of Language at our location at Shevchenko 63 Mykolaiv. Mini-group and group lessons may still be available at a students location.

All corporate clients where lessons are conducted at their facility will remain the same without any changes. We encourage all students to continue studying English with our highly qualified, experienced teachers and resources. Corporate clients are welcome to contact Larisa for further details regarding group and private lessons.

Starting August 1, 2018, Larisa School of Language will move into the future with on-line English lessons. Larisa English will no longer teach English at our school but, we will continue teaching the best English on-line and at students locations.

Larisa English Educational products will be offered for sale to all future students. Videos, audios, PDF English content has been created for students who study at home.

Here are a few of our on-line English resources: includes free PDF, Powerpoint and audio downloads for personal and classroom use. Larisa English Club content is full of English resources including hundreds of noun flashcards, dozens of English club audios and videos. Hundreds of grammar tutorials and over 100 Larisa English Radio programs. This website has been visited over 50,000 times in the past twelve months. In that same time period, students and teachers have viewed and downloaded free resources over 100,000 times. Includes educational content for Kid’s with Billiebug videos. Billiebug English educational videos are created for all ages and are perfect for young learners too! Bright colors, sounds, music, humor and easy to understand American English is the best! The main focus for Billiebug educational videos is all about the basics in English. Grammar, tenses, colors, the eight parts of English and more are all included! Has over 30 English educational play-lists. It has over 800 educational videos. Our Youtube channel has been watched over 1.5 Billion minutes, 600,000 views and has 5,000 subscribers. Larisa English at Youtube was created just for our students and teachers to use as supplemental content. Larisa English at Youtube educational videos channel is viewed close to 20,000 times per month. This channel is watched an average of 30,000 minutes every month from students around the world. Larisa English Youtube is embedded on countless educational websites in many countries. Larisa English workbook was originally created in 2009 and is free to download. It has been viewed over 1 million times. It is in the top 5% of views at Slideshare. This book is free to download. Larisa Basic grammar book with Russian translation was created in 2009. It is in the top 7% of books viewed at Issue. This book is free to download.

As you can see, we have worked very hard to offer our students educational resources not available from any private language school in Ukraine. All of our on-line educational content will continue to be available to everyone.

We thank you for your trust and faith over the past ten years and look forward to helping you in the future!

Bill and Larisa Green.

Co-founders Larisa School of Language

Mykolaiv, Ukraine

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