Number One Language School in Ukraine by Billgreen54

Larisa Language School has been ranked number one by our students for years. The best English is taught at Larisa. Why? Our teachers are different.

Larisa Number One
Number One Larisa Language School

Experienced and educated; That’s how our students describe our professional teachers. Larisa teachers are always prepared for lessons and answer questions with professionalism. Being number one is a daily goal.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Larisa School of Language teachers are the best.

Larisa teachers have many years experience teaching. Having tremendous experience allows teachers to be more focused on the needs of students.

Teaching at all levels allows our teachers to know all parts of grammar from beginner to advanced. Quality teachers are not easy to find.

English teachers at Larisa are selected after intense interviews and time spent observing classroom lessons with experienced teachers at Larisa English.

Advanced teacher training is conducted by an experienced foreign English teacher trainer. Before a teacher is invited to teach his or her first lesson, they must undergo extensive training.

This training is very specific to time proven methods at Larisa English Ukraine. Most teachers in Ukraine are trained to teach young people at primary school.

Teachers at Larisa English are trained to instruct all ages including children, teenagers and adults.

Teaching methodologies are very different at Larisa School of Language. For instance, all teachers are required to teach in the English language. This might sound strange to anyone who hasn’t worked with Ukrainian teachers.

The fact is that all English teachers are trained to teach young learners of English. Teachers are trained to teach in their native tongue. That would be the Ukrainian language or Russian. This is okay for early learners but, terrible for all students beyond the age of ten. This is the primary reason why students fail to speak English after graduation.

A primary focus for every students at Larisa English is a students ability to speak fluently.

Most students tell us that they know some basic grammar but, often complain that even after years of learning English in primary, secondary and high school, they still can’t speak English. Sounds surprising to most people around the world.

The simple fact is that, students speak English fluently after being taught in the English language. Some call this immersion. Language immersion at Larisa English Ukraine has always been the best way to improve one’s speaking ability.

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