Verbs Explained Video Bundle

Verbs Explained with Billiebug!

American English Grammar!

Plus Bonus Video & 100 Worksheets!

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This digital download includes:

Ten MP4 Verb Videos plus…

100 PDF Worksheets Book and

The FULL Version “Eight Parts of English!”.

Eleven Videos in all!

Here’s what’s included!

Verb Overview Video!

Action Verbs Explained!

Stative Verbs Explained!

Auxiliary Verbs Explained!

Modal Auxiliary Verbs explained!

Empty Verbs explained!

Infinitive Verbs Explained!

Past Simple Verbs Explained!

Past Participle Verbs Explained!

Present Participle Verbs and “Ing”.

Above videos just under 5 minutes each!

Bonus Video! The Eight Parts of English! 29:27

100 Bonus PDF Worksheets for grammar above!

Perfect for all ages!

First time for youngsters!

As a refresher for adults!

Great for teachers and students!

Microlearning study resources are perfect

for all levels of English as a supplement

to all your study resources!

American English Grammar!

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