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Are private language schools in Ukraine affiliated with Oxford? Don’t you believe it without inspecting the schools documents. Most Private language schools in Ukraine want you to believe that they are somehow affiliated with well known book companies and learning institutions. Most of the time, it’s just not true. Is it always a good idea to name drop and pretend to be associated with someone else? The short answer is “No”. Oxford Ukraine Schools is not what it seems to be.

Oxford Ukraine Schools
What is Oxford?

Larisa English School in Ukraine is not affiliated with anyone. Larisa English is not part of any organization and will never be. Why is this? Think about it! Being associated with an organization usually means that you do what the organization tells you to do.

Many organizations simply want to control small schools so they buy into their programs and products instead of the competition. Although Larisa English Language School in Mykolaiv Ukraine uses study materials from many publishers, we never rely on one source or methodology for teaching.

Larisa English School LLC is well known in Ukraine for it’s independence. Doesn’t it just make sense that a language school operating outside the establishment will be different.

If that school is using time proven methods based on International standards, individuals performance and students needs, it will always provide a higher quality education. Attending a quality private language school is essential for all those students who want the very best.

Modern classrooms along with modern teaching methods are a must to all students of English. Oxford Ukraine Schools are essentially the same in the way English is taught.

Larisa School of Language has virtually reinvented the way English is taught in Ukraine. Clean, well lighted classrooms along with modern furnishings and technology are in every classroom at Larisa English.

The teaching staff at Larisa is not only educated at top Ukrainian universities, they are also personally trained by native English speaking teachers from other countries.

Learn more about Larisa English Ukraine.

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