Oxford University Press Headway Book Review #2 Ukraine

Oxford University Press is a well known organization in Ukraine. Founded in the sixteenth century, it is a strong force in The UK and other countries too. Publishing, education and information is what Oxford University Press is all about.

Oxford University Press
Oxford University Press Headway

The Headway series is a popular line of English grammar books designed to help students of a second language learn and speak with the help of a tutor. This can be done in private lessons and group.

Headway Oxford University Press books can also be used online. Receive your FREE Headway Workbook at Larisa English Ukraine details here.

In this Headway book review, I will cover a few basic elements of the Pre-Intermediate level. This is the level between Elementary and Intermediate. I have been teaching with the Headway series for over nine years in Ukraine.

Teaching over 15,000 hours of English gives me a great perspective on the use of many English grammar books available in Ukraine. Although the price of Headway books are out of reach for most Ukrainians, they are well known and quite popular. At Larisa English Ukraine teachers use many English grammar resources.

Headway books in Ukraine published by Oxford University Press are often used for self study and in-class lessons as well. Headway can also be used online although, most students and teachers still use Headway for in-classroom study.

The Headway series of English grammar books offer on-line study resources for the pre-intermediate level. These resources on-line include grammar practice, test builder, everyday English for listening and practicing dialogue. There is also a section to practice vocabulary and play games. Great website for a little practice.

Larisa English Ukraine is the only private language school the gives a Headway pre-intermediate workbook completely free details here.

The Headway pre-intermediate level English grammar books ware authored by John and Liz Soars. John and Liz Soars have also authored other Headway books for Oxford University Press as well.

The pre-intermediate grammar book starts out with a tense review and moves on to social expressions in the first unit of the fourth edition.

The second unit starts out with present tenses and continues with conversation and like.

Unit three starts out with past tenses and has a great section on adverbs.

The fourth unit covers quantifiers, the Article and requests and offers. Unit five helps with verb patterns, future tenses and phrasal verbs.

Unit six brings to light comparative and superlative adjectives as well as synonyms and antonyms.

The seventh unit is all about the present perfect tense, adverbs, word combinations and question tags.

Unit eight discusses vocabulary, modal verbs and medical terms.

Unit nine is about past perfect, narratives, conjunctions and intensifying adverbs.

The tenth unit introduces passive voice, compound words and common expressions.

Unit eleven covers present perfect continuous, life and more.

Unit twelve is the final unit of Headway pre-intermediate. It covers first and second conditionals along with commonly spoken word combinations (Collocations).

My overall opinion of the Headway pre-intermediate publication is totally positive. This book is an educational resource for anyone who would like to learn great English.

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