Old Fashioned Oxfords Goodbye Forever by Billgreen54

Say “Goodbye” to your old fashioned oxfords forever. Learning English the old fashioned way is boring and often senseless. Are you studying English for the second, third, fourth time the old fashioned way with a full course of English? STOP IT NOW!.

Oxford English
Old Fashioned Oxfords B-Bye

Are you still studying page by page in an old fashioned book printed years ago? Are you bored at the way teachers are still teaching like 100 years ago? Are you tired of listening to 30 minutes of audio tape scripts in every lesson? Does your teacher actually speak adequate English? Does the teacher give you the opportunity to speak in every lesson?

If you are sick and tired of re-learning English again and again with old books? BE DIFFERENT! Studying and learning a language is never easy. Old grammar books are often boring if you have used the same book over and over again. Do you really need those old fashioned oxfords?

Have you ever wondered why traditional books are becoming smaller and smaller? Have you ever wondered why most students cannot afford to buy books anymore? Have you noticed that traditional English course books are updated less often? Have you noticed that private language schools don’t stock books anymore?

After you have studied English for the first time, often, you never need a full course of English again. The main idea when studying English is to learn what you need, not what publishers want you to study. All languages are structured in such a way that they set a foundation to a language. Why are you still using old fashioned oxfords?

Once the foundation is laid and a basic understanding of the language is understood, now it is time to study just what you need and start speaking and understanding others.

Throw out your old fashioned oxfords and start learning to speak understandable English.

One of our newest programs is “Larisa Freestyle English”. All of our special programs have been created out of need. The need for students to learn faster. The need for English learners to study just what they have forgotten.

Do you really need to study “The Verb to BE” over and over again and again? Do you really need to repeat and repeat your name and where you live a thousand times? Is it important that you study the same grammar until you stop studying all together? The answer to these questions is simple “NO, NO, NO”

Larisa English Ukraine has established itself as the industry leader for innovation in Ukraine. Founded in 2008, “Larisa English Ukraine” has developed many special study programs for all students of the English language.

While traditional books and study materials are used with early beginners of English, new innovative methods have been created with the student in mind.

Some of these special programs are “Larisa Masterclass English, “Larisa 80/20 Business English”, “Larisa Travel English Short Course”, “Larisa English Grammar Review”, Larisa Online English”, “Larisa KId’s English”, Larisa English Grammar Workshop” and many more special language study programs have been created just for you.

Larisa English teachers are professionally trained to teach all of our special programs. All of these programs are designed to get you speaking fast.

Larisa English study programs are considered some of the most innovative English learning programs anywhere. Why? Our programs get students speaking on “DAY ONE” Larisa English teachers use specific and dedicated media to help students speak great English on the first day of attendance, not after years of studying the old fashioned way.

Included in all our lessons at Larisa English Ukraine are modern internationally recognized methodologies. These include “Blended Learning” and “The Flipped Classroom”.

Proven methods of progressive and modern teaching. All based on results from thousands of students who have attended “Larisa School of English”.

Before you decide which private language school to attend, ask a few simple questions first.

Do you teach with modern technology or just from books?

Does this school teach with old methods or are your teachers trained to teach with modern methods?

Does the school use computers and the internet to instruct students?

Are your teachers able to teach using Freestyle methods or The Flipped Classroom or Blended Learning methods?

If a school isn’t able to answer these questions, continue searching for a school that can.

Throw out your old fashioned oxfords and start understanding and speaking great English now.

Learn more about Larisa English Ukraine.

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