Free English Grammar Books with Russian Translation by Billgreen54

The LSL Education network has been creating online English Grammar resources and books for many years. In early 2009, we started creating and publishing online content in many forms.

PDF English Grammar Books
Free English Grammar Books for everyone.

After teaching English in Ukraine for some time, we discovered that there was a real need for English grammar resources with Russian explanation. This promoted the concept of creating a series of books that are used by tens of thousands today.

Our books are completely free of charge. Just go to our website and download yours today.

Our first Larisa School of Language publication was our LSL Grammar Fundamentals PDF. This is a great publication with a full range of English grammar content. It was created with the user in mind with grammar from beginner to Intermediate.

Our books are designed as supplements to all publications dedicated to English grammar. The LSL English Fundamentals book is a great resource for all speakers of Russian and Ukrainian to help better understand the basics in the English language.

English phrases with Russian translation is also an educational resource that students of English use daily. The phrases included in this publication are some of the most used and spoken in the English language.

The layout and design of this educational supplement was created with the student in mind. The LSL Education network publishes many books that are perfect for students at all levels of English.

Larisa Slang PDF with Russian translation has been updated to include the latest and recent slang expressions. This book is another great resource for learners of English and perfect as a supplement to all English Grammar publications.

The LSL Slang publication was created by our staff, teachers and students. It is available online as a free PDF download.

The English Grammar Workbook is full of exercises from the Elementary level all the way to advanced. It includes grammar explanation and is written entirely in English for English learners. Our English Grammar PDF Workbook is the perfect addition to all English grammar publications.

Workbooks are designed to give students the opportunity to discover what they have studied and learned. This English Grammar Workbook includes a key.

The Larisa English Speaking Drill book is just what the title says. It’s all about speaking. Many students have difficulty speaking and are often shy.

When I first started teaching English in Ukraine, one of the first challenges I noticed was the need for a different type of resource. The Speaking Drill Book was created with the student in mind by simply reading short simple sentences. Each sentence has Russian translation and is laid out in a simple to read table format.

The basic concept of the Drill Book was created by myself. It was first written by Anna, one of our past managers. The PDF version was created my Marina, our webmaster.

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