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What is a pronoun? It is a word that replaces a noun. Pronouns also replace noun phrases. The main idea is to use them instead of a noun again and again.

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They take on many different forms. Basically, a pronoun can do everything a noun can do in the English language. A pronoun can function as an indirect object, direct object, a subject, an object of a preposition and more!

Most are short words like he, she, it, we, you, they and it. These words can be used in many ways in the English language. Without them, we would need to repeat nouns more than once. The use of pronouns in speech and writing make English sound natural and not robotic.

One of the biggest challenges for teachers is explaining the difference between the types of pronouns. This is one of the many instances where teaching by example is the best way to teach their usage.

Here are a few of the different types of pronouns. I have chosen not to explain them in full detail. Please go to this website for more information regarding pronouns. This article is more about teaching methodology and a few great ideas to achieve results.

The different types of pronouns are indefinite, personal, reflexive, demonstrative, possessive, relative, interrogative, reciprocal and intensive. These are all used in many different ways and are essential to the English language.

Teaching pronouns can be a lot of fun. When instructing students don’t be afraid of using photos of various content. Use the Internet for images. Google does a great job of helping with photos and images. Using the internet to teach with is invaluable.

In classroom demonstration is another way to teach pronouns. This can be done with one on one instruction and also between students. When working on a specific group of pronouns, start with simple statements in the positive.

After positive statements, go to negatives and the questions. Ask students to build statements that make sense. If a students is having difficulty retaining the usage of pronouns, focus in on just one type with positive statements. Using various methods will help produce positive results.

At Larisa English in Nikolaev Ukraine, teachers focus on speaking and grammar. All teachers at Larisa English teach English in English. They get students speaking the first in the first lesson.

Remember that learning pronouns in question form are always the most difficult for most new learners of English. My experience with students has shown great results when the focus is on questions first.

Positive and negative statements tend be easier for most students to learn and remember. Once a students has a good idea how to use question forms, then go to negative and then positive statements.

Larisa English Ukraine YouTube channel has hundreds of videos to learn from.

For some students, pronouns can be a challenge due to past habits and the way they studied in grade school. The main idea here is to address the concept and common usage. If a students is being challenged learning pronouns, don’t be afraid to give home tasks.

Home tasks can include written forms as well as audio and video. YouTube has many resources and is easy to use. Online quizzes are another way for students to practice their pronouns. Using the Internet, ask your students to focus in on one type of pronoun at a time. Once the students has learned each type of pronoun, practice in class until you are sure the student can use them properly.

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