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Fast Five Pack Grammar

Larisa Fast Five Pack English Grammar is the newest refresher course at Larisa English Ukraine. This new program allows students to study essential parts of English again. Fast Five Pack was created with the student in mind. It is designed to help improve English grammar that might have been forgotten.

No test is required.

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With the help of a professional English teachers ate Larisa English Ukraine, a student can study in Nikolaev Ukraine or online from anywhere in the world. The professional teachers at Larisa English will help you re-learn grammar. No testing is required for this short course however, it is always a good idea to take a test to determine where to start on to monitor your progress.

Fast Five Pack English.

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Fast Five Pack Grammar

Special learning and study resources are utilized for this special program. General grammar covered with every student includes the use of the eight parts of English. Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, adjectives, interjections and prepositions are all covered in this new short course program. Other areas of English grammar are reviewed as requested by the student.

Homework is not required.

Larisa Fast Five Pack
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In other words, the student is able to choose areas of English grammar needed to answer questions. The teacher will also provide grammar elements and homework assignments if requested by the student. However, homework assignments are not required. Larisa Fast Five Pack English Grammar Short Course is designed for each student to accomplish the desired improvement.

Flexible schedule with teacher.

Speaking practice at Larisa
Grammar and Speaking

Other ares of grammar may include, conditionals, tag questions, tenses, modal verbs, question words and more. This special program is designed for individuals with a busy work schedule. Larisa Fast Five Pack English Grammar lessons can be scheduled from Monday through Saturday at various times. While a grammar review is the main focus, speaking is also required to determine the students comprehension.

Free study materials provided.

Student will also be furnished with a variety of content free of charge. This educational content is specially prepared for each students short course. It includes PDF resources, audio and video content. Choose the right time for you to study with a professional English teacher at Larisa English Ukraine. Tuition for this short course is expected when your course begins.

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