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The Internet has opened so many doors and learning opportunities. In Ukraine, many students find it difficult to study in a classroom setting. This is usually due to an individuals work and job responsibilities. For those students who have an ever-changing work schedule, Online English lessons by Skype are the perfect solution.

Skype English Ukraine
Skype Online English Lessons

At Larisa English Ukraine, online lessons are extremely popular. Students from around the world take advantage of the popular English Learning Programs Larisa English Ukraine offers..

Online English lessons and study programs with qualified English teachers aren’t expensive. An introductory English
lesson is offered to everyone interested in online study by Skype.

Lessons can be scheduled in one, two and three hour modules. Students can study in the evening, morning or daytime at their convenience. All levels of English are taught from beginner to advanced. Business English, travel English and just about any professional English is taught as well.

Thousands of students have studied English by Skype. Studying with online lessons is easy. Learn fast, speak fast with Larisa English Ukraine.

Larisa English Online Study Programs are created for each individual. Based on a students needs and goals, a special grammar and speaking course is tailored on an individual basis. This is done by your private tutor after your Free Introductory Lesson. The initial meeting online is perfect for students to get to know their assigned teacher.

Students always have the option of choosing a full course of English which targets all aspects of the expected level or our other special programs.

Freestyle English is perfect for students who need a grammar review targeting just the areas a student needs. Masterclass 80/20 targets business and professions at a higher level of English.

No matter which specialized program you choose, Larisa English Ukraine has a special program just for you.

Contact Larisa School of Language today.

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