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Spoken English
Speak Fast at Larisa English

Larisa Fast Five Pack Spoken English is new at Larisa English Ukraine. This special short course is for students who just want to have speaking practice. No homework or study outside the classroom is required. Speaking with a professionally trained Larisa English teacher is the main focus.

Work with your personally assigned teacher to help you with your spoken English. Our methodology is very effective and works well with most students. With our Larisa Five Fast Pack Spoken English program, you will have the opportunity to practice your English.

Larisa is known for Spoken English.

Fast Five Pack Grammar

Spoken English is what Larisa English is well known for. Special programs and resources are used to promote conversation and communication. Practice with a professional English teacher with any subjects you prefer. Job, home, family, travel and more are all subjects for discussion. Converse with questions, positive and negative dialogue and speak understandably.

Visual aides like photos, info-graphics, Internet resources, videos, sitcoms and more are all used to help you speak English. Your teacher will help you with vocabulary through dialogue. Word pronunciation is a main focus for every student.

Speak more fluently.

Speaking practice at Larisa
Grammar and Speaking

Other grammar pronunciation elements are syllable stress, intonation, short forms, punctuation and more. Practice the English you once knew and communicate like a pro once again. If you had difficulty speaking English in the past, this program will help you speak more fluently.

For some students, speaking fluency may not be possible with just five one hour lessons. Larisa Fast Five Pack Spoken English will help you better understand what you need to do to speak fluently.

Speaking practice is important. 

Larisa English EDU
Larisa English Edutainment

Results vary from student to student. If you have always had difficulty speaking English, the results of this program may not be achieved at the level you expect with just five lessons. This special program is designed for students who speak at an intermediate level and just need speaking practice.

Results will vary but, don’t be discouraged at first. The main idea here is to help you practice your speaking abilities in English. This program will help you speak at the level you were previously at. Speaking practice is one important key memory retention. Enjoy this program and speak better English fast.

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