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The Russian language is taught at many schools in Ukraine. The best Russian lessons can be taken in private and group. Larisa School of Language has been offering Russian lessons to students around the world since November 2008.

Study Russian Lessons
Russian Lessons Steps

Russian is taught using many resources based on the needs of each student. Lessons can be taken in our school in Nikolaev Ukraine and online from anywhere in the world.

The Russian language is considered to be one of the more challenging languages to learn. Just like all languages, studying Russian is best learned in stages.

A basic understanding of the comparisons and differences between your native language and the Russian language is essential to get you started.

Once you understand some of the basics, it is a good idea to start learning vocabulary at the basic level.

Understanding the basics in Russian can be daunting. Learning Russian with a qualified teacher is the only way to speak and understand Russian quickly.

Face to face lessons are always the best but, for many, it’s not always possible. Studying online is another great option with a qualified teacher.

Online Russian lessons can be taken at your convenience from home or office. Online lessons can be taken six days a week from 8am to 8pm Mykolaiv Ukraine time. A free intro lesson can be scheduled to meet with our teacher completely free of charge.

Over 500 students have studied Russian at Larisa English. Lessons can be taken in one, two or three hour lessons.

All Russian lessons are one on one. Study materials are included in all lessons. In our school we supply materials and online, we include electronic content.

Once you have started studying Russian with our teacher, earmarking a little time everyday for study will help you understand and speak Russian faster.

Visit Larisa English in Nikolaev Ukraine or call for more information.

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