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A Capital Letter is used many ways in English. Language schools in Nikolaev, names like Oxford , places like Mykolaiv Ukraine, trademarks like Nokia, teachers names, web sites, businesses and more. A capital letter is used in at least twenty different ways in the English language. Here are a few to think about and have a little fun with. Using a capital letter can be fun for teachers to teach!

Capital English Nikolaev
Capital Letter English

We use capital letters at the beginning of sentences. That’s an easy one but, did you know we also often use capital letters for Interjections? Words like “WOW!. What about “OH MY GOD!. And then there is “GOODNESS, WHAT A CUTE BABY!. These are called Interjections or words and statements that share emotions or excitement.

Proper Nouns are another way we use Capital Letters. My name for instance is “William” (my given name) or “Bill” (my friends call me Bill). A proper nouns can be the name of a city. San Francisco, New York, Washington. And then there are names of car companies like Ford, General Motors, Fiat, Toyota. A capital letter is how we identify an important company name.

Nouns and verbs difference here

What about Acronyms? An Acronym is an abbreviation. Words like CD, DVD, VP, NATO, GIF. Sometimes we use Capital letters along with lower case letters like Nabisco or National Biscuit Company. Words pronounced as a word like, Radar or radio detection and ranging.

Let’s look at Monuments. Monuments are almost always written in Capital letters. It is easier to carve or inscribe letters in upper case because the are more uniform and easier to create as opposed to lower case letters.  [bctt tweet=”Capital Letters are used many ways including the shape of a monument.” username=””]

Shapes are another way to use Capital letters. Let’s take the word “U-turn” or “T-shirt” or “S-curve”. Lower case letters are not often used for their shape. This is most likely so we don’t confuse these letters with the rest of the word.

Another way is when we use “CamelCase” This is when we use a compound noun and place a Capital at the beginning of the second word. Words like “PowerPoint” or “MasterCard” or “LinkedIn” are all good examples of CamelCase when we use a Capital Letter.

These examples are just a few. Have some fun and search on the Internet for more common ways to use Capital Letters:)

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