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Teaching English at Larisa English Ukraine requires a teacher to meet the highest standards in Ukraine. All private language schools should have minimum qualifications for all English teachers. At Larisa English in Nikolaev Ukraine, applicants must have a certificate, experience, great English speaking skills and a positive team spirit. Just like all successful businesses, positive people attract the same. English teachers at Larisa are well trained.

English Teachers at Larisa
Teacher Training at Larisa

Teacher training at Larisa English is required before a teacher begins teaching students. This includes technical training for visual electronic equipment. Computers and electronic media are used in all lessons with all students. Movie projectors and large monitors are used in all classrooms. Teachers must be able to instruct with confidence while operating computers and media. English teachers at Larisa help students learn English faster than other schools.

All teachers at Larisa English Ukraine use methods not normally employed in most private or public language schools in Ukraine. Teachers must be confident in the use of Blended Learning and The Flipped Classroom instruction techniques.

Blended learning is a modern technique that gets students speaking fast. It incorporates the use of study materials outside the classroom. The Flipped Classroom technique is when students are able to remember simple basic elements in English and are able to teach others. This might be tenses, the use of nouns, verbs, prepositions etc. Students take the role of instructor for the purpose of demonstrating their knowledge retention.

Teachers at Larisa English Ukraine must also teach lessons in the English language. That essentially means that by far, the majority of each lesson is conducted in the English language. Nearly 90 percent of all lessons conducted above the beginner level are conducted in English. English teachers at Larisa are always open minded and honest.

Detailed grammar explanation is always taught in Ukrainian or Russian. Students are encouraged to speak English in all lessons. This method of teaching is also known as “Immersion”. This teaching method has been used since the first day of operation in 2008 at Larisa School of Language Mykolaiv Ukraine.

Teachers at Larisa English are required to utilize Larisa website content as well as our YouTube channel and other electronic media. This method of conducting lessons encourages students to utilize the same content outside the classroom.

These methods are based on results achieved since early 2008. All programs are updated regularly with current content and information.

Larisa special learning programs are an important part of our teaching success. Special programs have been developed over the past eight years.

These special programs are unique to Larisa English Ukraine. Our special programs are not available anywhere in the world.

Our registered and trademarked special learning programs include “Freestyle English”, “Masterclass Basic”, “Masterclass 80/20 for Business”, “English Corporate”, “Travel English Short Course”, “Larisa English Grammar Review”, “Ukrainian Culture Ed”, “Youth Teens Ed”, “Speaking Practice Pro” and “Writing Skills English”.

Larisa English teachers are trained to utilize these special programs as well as study materials from well known publishers.

Learn more about Larisa English Ukraine.

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