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Native English Speakers travel to Ukraine to teach English often. Unfortunately, most of the time, they can’t teach. A qualified teacher must be able to teach all aspects of English. This includes pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and more.

English Teacher Training
English Teacher Training

Many foreign born teachers obtain some kind of online certificates. This looks good on paper but, rarely qualifies an individual to teach English. Ukraine needs qualified native English speakers trained and qualified as teachers to help Ukrainians.

There is a massive need for native English speaking teachers for many reasons. Jobs, travel, immigration and more.

So, what do I mean when I say most foreign English speaking individuals can’t teach English? Simple really, most of them are poorly trained. Most English teacher wanna be’s have zero experience. They often lack a basic understanding of how grammar works in English.

Even after spending thousands on education, they are unable to teach the basics in English to Ukrainians. Most online teacher training courses focus on classroom conduct and lesson planning. Most of the online programs place little emphasis on English grammar and other critical elements in English.

English grammar is the first important element to teach English in Ukraine. This true with students seeking an education after finishing high school.

Most individuals fail to understand the importance of English grammar and how it compares to Ukrainian and Russian. Besides the comparing element, teachers need to fully understand English grammar to be able to teach it.

All teachers need to fully understand how to answer students questions. What type of questions? Let’s start with tenses. The English tense system is not that complicated if a teacher devotes the time to study it and compare the English language to how it is used in everyday life.

Simple questions might include; “How is present simple used?” Answer; “Present simple is used for daily routines and habits” It is also used for facts and the future.

What about “Present continuous?” Answer; “Present continuous is a tense used to refer to an action, state, fact and the future” Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, most English teachers are never taught to teach in simple terms. Most Ukrainian English teachers are taught to teach by example only.

All teachers need to learn how to teach in simple terms. If the student can remember these simple terms and teach someone else, they are well on their way to speaking with fluency.

In future articles, I will cover many elements of English. I hope you find them informative and educational.

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