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What is student and teacher matching? In the past, at most private language schools in Ukraine, a student would be assigned to the same teacher to study until someone died. Since opening in 2008, Larisa English Ukraine has employed the use of teacher matching as an important key to reaching students goals.

Student and Teacher Matching
Student and Teacher Matching

Not all teachers are created equal. The same can be said about students. Some teachers are able to teach or instruct at several levels of English while others are best at just one. When a teacher is assigned to a student at Larisa English Ukraine, a careful analysis is performed by the assessment staff.

This is a serious decision making process. In all professional businesses, people make all the difference. The difference between success and failure. Student and teacher matching is an important part of our schools success.

At Larisa English Ukraine, applicants for teaching positions are interviewed with high standards in mind. Ukrainian English teachers are given opportunities at Larisa English Mykolaiv based on ability. All teachers must pass testing to demonstrate their teaching abilities in a number of areas.

Teachers must speak English fluently with great pronunciation and confidence. Teachers at Larisa English must have the ability to instruct students in the English language. They must also have confidence teaching English grammar in English. Not just grammar in Ukrainian or Russian. Student and teacher matching is not common at most private language schools in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, most private language schools employ teachers that are only qualified to teach at an elementary level. Sadly, students pay a price for that. Students who study at many private language schools in Mykolaiv, cannot speak English after completing English courses at the intermediate levels. This is usually due to poor teacher and student matching. It is also due to language schools with extremely low standards. Unfortunately, salaries are equal to the standards.

Most private language schools have high teacher turnover. Not sure why this happens.

Students must be matched with a teacher that fully understands how to teach grammar at the level a student expects. If a teacher is assigned to a student at a higher level than elementary, the teacher needs to know how to teach it.

Unfortunately, most Ukrainian teachers have difficulty speaking English. Sounds strange to individuals who have never worked in the language industry in Ukraine. While some schools try to employ qualified teachers, many employ teachers with little or no experience. Proper student and teacher matching is only possible with qualified experienced English teachers.

All private language schools should match a students level with that of the teacher. As a students level increases and he or she needs help speaking at a conversational level, a new teacher may need to be assigned.

Ukrainian teachers are educated to teach young students at public schools. Most of these teachers don’t speak acceptable English. Because they are teaching young students, most English lessons are taught in Ukrainian or Russian. This is why teachers often fail to speak English fluently.

At Larisa English Ukraine, we do our best to match students with teachers who teach their level. It’s common to give the students the opportunity to change teachers. This is based on a teachers ability to speak English fluently.

All of our teachers are trained to teach at the highest levels. This is why most students stay with the same teacher throughout their courses. Many students are able to work with the same teacher from Elementary to Advanced.

If you are thinking of studying at a private language school in Ukraine, ask the school if matching student and teacher is required or does the school assign a student to any available teacher.

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