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Can you teach English? Are you an English teacher? Are you a student at University? Can you speak English? Would you like to learn how to teach English with modern instructional techniques?

Student Teacher Training
Teach English in English.

Ukraine has a shortage of qualified English teachers. It is projected that Ukraine will have a shortage of qualified English teachers through 2019. President Poroshenko declared 2016 as “The year of English”. Unfortunately, Ukraine and the education system was not ready for the interest that was created. Many more Ukrainians than expected decided to study English. The teacher training program at Larisa English Ukraine was designed for you.

English Teacher Shortage Ukraine

Public schools as well as private are now faced with a teacher shortage. Larisa School of Language located in Mykolaiv Ukraine is well known for specialty English programs. Now you have the opportunity to improve your English teaching skills and earn money at the same time. Our special program allows you to study progressive, modern, professional teaching methodologies. Once you complete your training, you will have the ability to improve the lives of others. The English language is an essential part of worldwide communication as well as employment opportunities in Ukraine. Larisa teacher training program is unique and professional.

Special Student Teacher Program

Larisa School of Language has created this special student teacher program for English teachers who need to improve their teaching skills. Our special program matches you with a professional certified instructor who will mentor and guide you to become a better teacher. Our special program offers in-classroom instruction and teaching experience. Learn how to teach in modern classrooms equipped with computers, large monitors, the Internet and more. The teacher training program is perfect for teachers who need classroom practice.

Teacher Training Program

Up to date special teaching programs have been created for anyone interested in our special program. After acceptance into our student teacher program, we will give you special training in the classroom. Imagine? Teaching English in English. Students love it when they receive instruction from professional teachers. Do you have a degree from University? It may qualify you for our special on the job training program. Do you love teaching others? Contact Larisa English for more information. Our teacher training program is for men and women.

Clean Modern Classrooms

As an English teacher, speaking great English is absolutely necessary. Our methodology at Larisa English is different than other language schools for a number of reasons. We teach students of all ages. Adults, teenagers and children too. Our students know that we have the highest teaching standards in Ukraine. Classrooms are clean and modern with quality furniture and instructional materials. The teacher training program at Larisa English Ukraine will help you earn money.

Larisa educational websites are all about resources for students and teachers. Larisa YouTube channel is full of educational videos and information.  If you want to become a better English teacher in Ukraine, consider our special English teacher training program. Teach, learn and earn money at Larisa. We will show you how to become a better English teacher. Larisa English Ukraine is located in the center of Mykolaiv.

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