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All students in Ukraine are required to study a second language while enrolled in school. That’s a good thing. The inconsistencies in terms of quality teaching are an important observation. Many students have the opportunity to attend private language schools or private tutors for additional lessons and help learning the English language. A Ukrainian student English assessment is mandatory.

Student English Assessment
Student English Assessment

These are the lucky kids who have parents that are focused on educating their children and of course, have the funds to do it. Many students attend lessons outside the public school system. If a student is able to study outside the public school system, a careful student English assessment is needed beforehand.

Of course, students of all ages study English while attending a public school and after as well. A secondary English education is extremely common in Ukraine. For those students studying at a private school, initial assessment is extremely important.

A student English assessment should always include a grammar test first. This gives the assessment professional a place to start. Once a level grammar test is reviewed with the student, there are at least three other ares of concern to be assessed.

Following a grammar test, a speaking and reading test is required. Next comes pronunciation and vocabulary. Once all of these ares are covered with the student, it’s not difficult to understand his or her level of English. Following this assessment, there must be a clear understanding of a students expectations, goals, schedule and willingness to study in different settings.

Private one on one lessons with a professional teacher is often the first choice. If a students budget allows private lessons, this is a very flexible and progressive way to study English. Private lessons allow students to be flexible in their ability to attend lessons. Having a focus on just one student can also prove beneficial for the students progress.

Semi-private lessons are also a great way to study with a friend or classmate. Many family members learn this way including husbands and wives. Semi-private lessons are also flexible as long as both students agree on a schedule that works for both. Semi-private is two students who study at the same time.

Mini-group is a great way to study English with colleagues. A mini-group can be as few as three up to five students. As will all lessons at Larisa English Ukraine, lessons can be scheduled in one, one and a half and two hour increments. Lessons should have at least one day in between for homework tasks.

A full group can include from five up to eight students. With groups, interaction with other students is a plus. Larger groups offer less speaking time and often progress slower than smaller groups. That said, if the main focus is speaking, this a great way to study and learn at a steady pace. Lesson times are scheduled at set times and always unchangeable.

In the next teacher training article, I will cover in more detail how a student English assessment should be conducted. This is important for both the student and teacher.

Unfortunately, most private language schools fail to perform a proper assessment. This always leads to poor student progress and disappointing results.

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