Foreign English Teachers

Are foreign volunteers able to teach English without proper training or experience? Probably not. Many individuals think that because they speak a language; they can teach it. Sadly, it’s not true. Many individuals come to Ukraine in search of a job as an English teacher.

Foreign English Teachers

Native English Speaking Teachers

Many of these people look for a job as a native English speaking conversationalist. This is certainly needed in Ukraine. Most schools are in dire need of a qualified Native English speaking teacher.

Unfortunately, most of these people (men) come to Ukraine in search of a woman. Many of these men want to work at a language school for that purpose. Not the best idea. More information here.

Can foreign volunteers teach English to Ukrainians? Of course. However, training and a natural talent for teaching is required. Having a basic knowledge of the Ukrainian and Russian language does not hurt either.

One important component for teaching English is grammar. Understanding why we do what we do in English is essential for teaching English to Anyone including Ukrainians.

Native English teachers need to know how the English language works. Many individuals come to Ukraine with a basic knowledge of lesson planning and classroom conduct. Most come to Ukraine without an ounce of grammar training.

All English teachers must have a basic understanding of grammar and how it works. They must know the in’s and out’s of the eight parts of English and more. Does the teacher need to fully understand every Element of English? No! But, they need to know enough to answer a students questions. Why are some language schools different?

Are online English training TESL or CELTA courses needed to teach English in Ukraine? No… That said, it’s always a good idea to have some training as opposed to none. Certification courses for teaching English are required in many countries. However, certification alone does not make a teacher.

Successful foreign volunteers must be able to teach a variety of students. Young or not. English at all levels. Business English and more.

Before accepting an English teaching position in Ukraine, a person needs to know that students here are hungry for answers. Students ask questions they need answers to.

My experience is that all students at every level ask questions about the English language.

If you are the type of person who isn’t afraid to learn new things and is a natural teacher, teaching English in Ukraine might be for you. Consider teaching at a school that offers teacher training.

Visit Larisa English in Nikolaev Ukraine or call for more information.

One thought on “Are Foreign Volunteers English Teachers in Ukraine?

  1. Native English speaking speakers of English work at many private language schools in Ukraine. Sadly, most of them can’t teach English. Just having the ability to speak a language never qualifies a person to teach it. If you are studying with a native English speaking person in Ukraine, ask if he or she can teach grammar. Ask if your teacher knows what the tense system is all about. If your tutor can answer your questions readily, you are lucky. If not, find a serious private language school with qualified teachers.

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