Cambridge Preparation TOEFL Test Online Tutorial

The Cambridge Preparation TOEFL Test Online Tutorial is an overview of the TOEFL test. Watch the tutorial now and learn all about the TOEFL test. This tutorial consists of information about the test and what you should expect when taking the test.

Cambridge TOEFL Tutorial

The tutorial walks you through the entire process while taking the TOEFL test. This overview covers every aspect of the test and how it works. Complete information regarding what areas of grammar and testing information is all on this tutorial.

How does the Cambridge Preparation TOEFL test works. It is all on this tutorial. This tutorial covers the practice mode, test mode, sending responses to the teacher, introduction to the test sections and information about speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Cambridge Preparation TOEFL Test Information

Test takers can send your results directly to your assigned teacher for review electronically. With this feature, students can send their recorded summaries directly to the assigned teacher for review and input to help you score higher.

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This personal assistant is perfect for all test takers of the TOEFL test. Test takers can also send essays to the teacher for the writing section of the test. The practice mode allows students to pause and review important parts in which they need improvement.

Test takers can also review sections of the test in any order they wish. This might be for the reading, writing, listening, speaking sections for review. Instant feedback is available as a feature to this special program. This tutorial gives you information about the many features of the Cambridge TOEFL test. This test has many features that help you learn more.

Cambridge Preparation TOEFL Test Tutorial

With Internet access, you can look up new words at the Oxford website. The listening portion of the program consists of six tasks. They are just like the real test. Two of the listening tasks feature real conversations.

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There are also four lectures and include some classroom discussion. Every test features listening tasks. The listening portion includes exercises just like the real test. This provides basic comprehension for a students attitude and understanding. Some sections have a replay feature that allows you to listen again and again.

There are two independent speaking tasks in the program. These are the same test types found on the actual test. Test takers can take notes and use them to prepare their responses. Speaking evaluation subjects include topic development, delivery and language use. Sample responses are included to help you formulate your response. With this tutorial, you will be able to build confidence and perform better on the actual TOEFL test.


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