English Grammar Books, The Internet and Modern Technology by Billgreen54

Let’s face it, traditional teaching methods are dead. Outdated books, old flashcards, yellowed paper with scribbles written everywhere, all old fashioned and obsolete. Modern Technology is today.

Modern Technology, NOT!
Old teaching methods in Ukraine

Most of today’s structured lesson plans are also outdated. Students learn much differently than just a few years ago. Many private language schools are poorly equipped to teach English today. Most private language schools in Nikolaev still teach without modern technology.

No computer, no monitor, no Internet in classrooms. It’s quite shocking.

All schools in Ukraine should use modern technology to use for instruction and education. Sadly, most private language schools rarely invest for the future. Short term profits are usually the main goal for most Ukrainian businesses.

This is often the reason for poor enrollment at most private language schools. If Ukrainians are ever going to build for the future, managers and business owners need to focus on the future and growth. Short term profits allow competitors to take advantage of poor business practices.

All private language schools must utilize modern technology to grow and attract students.

Most students who attend private language schools use computers and mobile devices to learn these days.

Why don’t language schools do the same? How can language schools help students learn outside the classroom without using modern technology to teach with?

Why don’t private language schools bring their rooms up to modern times and improve their ability to teach with modern technology? Impossible to answer this completely. Sadly, these schools lose students daily.

Most students of today know what a quality school should do to teach the best English. They know that modern instructional materials and equipment are essential to keep up with the competition and teach the best English lessons possible.

To all the private language schools in Ukraine that have invested in their students, congratulations. To those schools that haven’t, shame on you for not thinking about your students first.

The use of projectors, computers, large monitors, multiple keyboards, modern lighting, modern heating, progressive thinking teachers along with English teachers who actually speak Great English are essential to create a modern learning environment.

Personally, I have not used a printed grammar book in years to teach others with. Why would I do that? We use modern technology with up to date materials and resources.

Modern computers, modern classrooms, large monitors, projectors, movie rooms and professional English teachers who speak and teach in English.

When you consider attending a private language school anywhere in Ukraine, there are a few questions you must ask first.

Do you use computers and the Internet to help instruct students?

Do you use modern technology to assist teachers when instructing?

Do the teachers teach lessons as much as possible in the English language or do they teach mostly in Ukrainian and Russian?

Does the teacher ever give the student a chance to speak?

Then, there is the Internet. All private language schools in Ukraine should offer every teaching resource possible. A language learning website of some kind is always useful for students outside the classroom.

Before you enroll at a private language school in Ukraine, ask a few more questions.

Do you have a language learning website with English learning resources?

Is the website free of charge or do I have to pay more money?

Do you offer free resources to everyone?

Have you ever created and published Free English grammar books of any kind?

Why choose a second quality private language school? Why pay a school money for a second class education? Why attend a language school with one room and no modern technology?

At Larisa English Ukraine, we have ten classrooms, ten Internet connected computers and monitors with web cameras, two movie projectors, modern and clean classrooms, teachers who speak English, teachers who teach in the English language, many language learning websites, many FREE PDF English grammar books for download, a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos and more.

Larisa School of English is number one in Nikolaev.

Visit Larisa English in Nikolaev Ukraine or call for more information.

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