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What makes a great private language school in Ukraine? Just like all countries, honesty, a professional staff, qualified teachers, up to date facilities, current teaching materials, electronic equipment and a single priority to help students achieve their goals.

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Just like all businesses, private language schools need to earn profit. As long as this is accomplished with the student in mind first, earning a profit is essential to stay in business.

A great language school is one that is always honest with students. It starts with proper assessment. Students must take a level test before accepting an assumption that a student is either beginner or elementary.

Sadly, many private language schools require no testing before a student pays for a full course of Elementary English.

Students must demonstrate their level of English in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing and speaking with a professional admissions and assessment professional.

At Larisa English, all new students must undergo this testing. The exception to this are students who have never studied English in the past.

Remember that all Ukrainians must study a foreign language in school. Most study English. Unfortunately, most public schools don’t place teaching English as a priority.

The level of English learned in public schools is never consistent with a minimum standard. This is why private language schools are needed in Ukraine.

Once a proper language assessment has been accomplished, students are asked about goals, time available to study and attend their lessons. Students then convey their desire to attend private, semi-private, mini group, or group lessons. At this point, a teacher is assigned and a schedule created for the student.

Proper assessment and a solid understanding of a students expectations are essential to achieve his or her goals.

Qualified and experienced teachers are the most important element to a successful private language school. English teachers also undergo special training by an experienced Native English Speaking teacher at Larisa English Ukraine.

Special training and classroom time with experienced teachers is required for all new teachers at Larisa English before he or she begins conducting lessons.

The facilities at Larisa English Ukraine are centrally located on Sovietskaya and Shevchenko. There are ten classrooms. The classrooms are all equipped modern computers and monitors. All classrooms are connected to the Internet and are equipped for Skype audio and video lessons.

Classrooms accommodate from 3 students to 55. The school is equipped with two Epson projectors and large screens. The movie room is equipped with a kitchen counter, sink, refrigerator and free coffee and tea.

All rooms are centrally heated and air conditioned. Classrooms display English grammar posters and educational materials. All classrooms are decorated with colorful decor and furnishings.

Modern teaching resources should also be used in all schools. Many private language schools still use outdated books and audio cassette tapes. At Larisa English, we use every modern book and electronic media available including MP3 audio.

We teach modern English with up to date vocabulary and modern grammar usage. Using up to date books from well known publishers and series like Oxford, McMillan, Grammarway, Market Leader and many more are all part of the modern resources used at Larisa English Ukraine.

Larisa English Ukraine has published many books that are given away completely free of charge.

Our English Grammar Fundamentals PDF book is well known in Ukraine. Over the years, our books have been viewed close to one million times.

Add our books to our YouTube channels with hundreds of English Learning Videos as well as our many websites with countless English study materials and it’s clear that Larisa School of Language is one of the top private language schools in Ukraine.

Visit Larisa English in Nikolaev Ukraine or call for more information.

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