Study Ukrainian in Ukraine or Online by Skype.

Online Ukrainian study programs are the best way to learn the Ukrainian language if you find it impossible to study the language near you. Online lessons by Skype are often inexpensive and efficient. Study in Ukraine too.

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Study Ukrainian in Ukraine

What is the difference between the Ukrainian language and the Russian language? Actually, there are differences but, nearly half of the Ukrainian language is based on Russian. Another point to remember is that many cities in Ukraine favor Russian as opposed to Ukrainian.

Generally, western Ukrainian regions speak Ukrainian and the eastern regions speak Russian. This is a general rule.

Most students from other countries who study at our school or online, study the Russian language. Generally, more people will understand Russian than true Ukrainian.

Also remember that dialects vary from region to region. For Ukrainians, they can usually tell where a person is from based on dialect. Russian is more widely spoken in Nikolaev compared to other cities. That has to do with the foundation of Nikolaev.

Nikolaev was created as a shipbuilding city. Most of the early inhabitants were sent here from Russia.

Kyiv is a city where most people speak Ukrainian. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. If you plan on doing business with Ukrainians, it might be better to study Ukrainian.

Just remember that a great deal of the Ukrainian language is Russian. For nouns, most will understand the Russian language. While you study your next foreign language, why not study a little of both.

If you feel you need to learn the language for a simple holiday, study simple terms in both languages. It is one easy way to impress Ukrainians while you visit the country.

Taking lessons online is easy with a professional teacher from Larisa School of Language. Once you have taken a free online trial lesson, you can choose a schedule that works best for you.

Payment is easy too. Study materials are always included in the cost of your lessons. Lessons are so reasonable, you will be surprised at how inexpensive a full course of Ukrainian language can be.

Study at Larisa School of Language for the best prices in Ukraine. Larisa also offers a Ukrainian Culture Short Course. This can be taken online as well.

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